Mk-677 Benefits and Results

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( — December 16, 2021) — MK-677 is a compound that was originally designed for treating adults with growth hormone deficiency under the brand name Ibutamoren. A study involved 33 male and 34 female participants, aged 18–55 years old, who had normal levels of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1). They were given the growth hormone peptide MK-677 as a daily orally administered dose or a placebo under double-blind conditions for 3 months.

Of the participants, 21 were in the treatment group and 22 were in the control group. The results show that there was no change in body weight between groups, but there was a significantly increased lean muscle mass by 1.7 kg and reduced fat mass by 1.6 kg in the treatment group than the control group. There were no effects of MK-677 on lower body strength or aerobic capacity, but it did significantly improve upper body strength and stair-climbing power. Serum IGF-1 levels increased by 61% in the treatment group compared with 4% in the control group.

The research that prompted this study was done by independent researchers rather than Merck but is still listed as Merck in PubMed. 


MK-677 works to improve sleep and the treatment group reported waking less often during the night and needing less time to fall asleep than those receiving a placebo, but this was only significant in men. The treatment group tried to eat significantly more calories per day than those receiving a placebo, which lead to an increase of weight by 2.2 kg, but body composition was still significantly better than the control group. Bone mineral density increased by 2.6% in the spine and by 1.4% in the femur in the treatment group, whereas there was no significant change in either measure in the control group.

So overall, MK-677 seems to be effective in increasing lean muscle mass and reducing fat mass, while also having positive effects on bone density, sleep, and caloric intake. It was safe and well-tolerated for the study participants. There are still some unknowns about MK-677 such as its long-term effects, but the initial results are very promising.

MK-677 has been found to be an extremely beneficial compound for a variety of reasons. It can help increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat mass, while also having positive effects on bone density, sleep, and caloric intake. It is safe and well-tolerated in humans, and further research is needed to determine its long-term effects. For now, MK-677 appears to be a promising compound for possible therapeutic benefit. However, you can go for the authentic mk677 sale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does MK-677 do to your body?

MK 677 (ibutamoren) stimulates GH secretion and insulin-like growth factor 1 production (IGF-1). Ibutamoren raises growth hormone levels via attaching to one of the brain’s ghrelin receptors (GHSR).

Is MK-677 harmful?

There are some studies that say that MK-677 is safe, but there is a tendency to make insulin less sensitive. There were no negative effects that came from taking MK-677. However, MK-677 had a bad safety record for people with congestive heart failure.

How long can you stay on mk677?

If you want to stay on MK 677 for a long time, you should stay on it for at least three to six months. 

Does MK 677 Build Muscle?

This new substance can help users enhance growth hormone levels and develop muscle faster. It’s a good moist bulking chemical for bodybuilding, helping users gain muscle mass and size.

Is Ibutamoren a steroid?

When people work out in the gym to build muscles or lose weight, they usually use this medicine to do it, too. Taking the drug would make a big difference in the amount of growth hormone (GH) in your body. Even though Ibutamoren isn’t a SARM or steroid because it has a different way to work in your body.

Does Ibutamoren increase testosterone?

Treatment with ibutamoren had no effect on FSH or LH levels, but it did result in lower total testosterone levels with preserved free testosterone levels.

Does ibutamoren affect the heart?

MK-677 appears to be well-tolerated, but it has been linked to impaired insulin sensitivity. MK-677 had no side effects. However, MK-677 exhibited a poor safety profile in congestive heart failure patients.

Is MK 677 a prescription?

Ibutamoren is a promising treatment for osteoporosis and other aging-related disorders because of its capacity to stimulate the production of growth hormones. MK677 is given for oral administration (as a tablet or capsule) in doses of 10mg or 25mg per day.


If you are looking for a safe and effective way to boost your hormone levels in order to increase muscle mass, improve cognitive function, or just have more energy throughout the day, MK-677 may be the perfect solution. The benefits of this drug are undeniable, so if you want to experience these effects without any dangerous side effects or risk of addiction then it is worth trying out! We hope this article will help you get started on your journey towards better health.