5 scenarios that will make you lose your E2 status

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For sure, it will feel like heaven the moment you finally receive your E2 visa status. Finally, you can now set foot in the United States of America legally after the waiting game. Now you can pursue your business or investment without minding if the police will deport you. 


But it would be excellent if you still were mindful of what you need to follow to keep that status. You have to keep in mind that there are thighs given that it will take away if not held properly. An E2 visa is one of those things. 


This E2 visa guide will unravel the things that will terminate your E2 status. We suggest you browse this enough to make sure that you will avoid those that can affect your E2 status. 


E2 visa: An overview

The E2 visa is a non-immigrant visa awarded to an individual who has invested a substantial amount in a business. Or to invest in a currently operating business. The applicant can process the E2 visa in his country of nationalism or any country he is in. What matters is that he is national with must be in a treaty agreement with the United States of America. 


The treaty agreement will determine how long the E2 visa will be valid for the holder. Some countries have three months validity while others can go as long as thirty-six months. In addition, you can extend or renew your E2 status indefinitely. And another good news, you don’t have to worry about the slots as there is no annual quota for this type of visa. 


Revocation of E2 Visa

This is the most unexpected scenario to occur when granted your visa. That is knowing that you have lawfully done all matters. But this can happen, especially if you have kept secrets from your immigration lawyer, especially with the thighs that you know will affect your visa status. 


In this sense, let us provide you with some of why a visa can be revoked by the consular. 


  1. Fraudulent reasons

Of course, everything done in any fraudulent actions will result in something like this. One example is if you c. If you think that what happens in the movies is possible in real life, well, think about it. There will be more chances of you getting caught than getting rid of it. 


They can check if your documents are fraudulent. Whether you made it look like a real one or not. They have ways. 


  1. No intent to depart after expiration of the visa

The primary purpose of you going to the USA is because you will be returning right after the visa expires. That is the reason why visas have renewal processes and extensions. To allow you to stay further. Yes, we know that there are some ways to get an immigrant visa, but you don’t have to state it initially. You must not file for it right after you set foot in the USA. 


  1. Unauthorized employment

This is when the consular has checked that the investment you have made is not reliable or legal. The consular will cross-check your investment with the government to know if they are registered with tax and more. 


  1. Status violation

Suppose you have done anything that will affect your visa, like being employed in a different company. Remember that under an E2 permit, you are only allowed to work under the E2 business or investment. And that you hold the majority of decision-making. If you work part-time with another company, your visa will be subject to cancellation.


  1. Criminal Cases

If, in case, you are already an E2 visa holder, be sure to follow the laws in the country that you are in. If you are suspected or even held liable for a crime, they will cancel your visa. Moreover, you will be deported and have no options to reapply for any visa. 



After reading all the scenarios that will make your visa revoked or canceled, at least you now know where to limit yourself. By the way, you can avoid all of this as long as you work closely with your immigration lawyer. They can surely advise what to do and not do when you have your E2 status. 


Keeping your visa status is as hard as attaining it. So ensure to make proper use of it. Plus, if you don’t want your efforts to go down the drain, you better keep it on the legal side. 


If you have something to suggest according to your experiences, share it with the team to create a helpful community of visa holders and applicants.