Soft Water? Top 3 Water Softener Benefits

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( — December 18, 2021) —

Besides having an unpleasant taste, did you know that hard water can damage your skin and hair? It can also force you to clean your home more often. 

Save yourself the hassle by investing in a water softener. The benefits of water softeners are often understated but they can make a huge difference.

To help you understand why you should consider a water softener, these are 3 water softener benefits you should know. 

What Is a Water Softener?

Hard water is water that is rich in calcium and magnesium. These high levels leave behind residue on your appliances, skin, and hair. The higher the levels of calcium and magnesium, the harder the water. 

It harms your household appliances and can lead to buildups and expensive repairs. It will also make your appliances and tubs look dirty and grimy.

A water softener removes the excess minerals from your water through the ion-exchange process. With a water softener and filter system, calcium and magnesium are exchanged for sodium and potassium ions. This results in “softer” water. 

1. Limiting Lime Build-up 

One of the major benefits of water softeners is limiting lime build-up on plumbing fixtures. Hard water will produce limescale on the inside of water heaters and dishwashers. 

This leads to rust, leaks, and bad-tasting water. By using a water softener, you’ll improve the efficiency of your plumbing and save money on damages. 

2. Softer Clothing 

Another benefit of a water softener is softer (and better) clothing. Hard water can result in your clothing coming out stiffer. It can also cause your clothing to come out with more static. 

By using a water softener, your clothing comes out naturally softer, and it will likely last longer. 

3. Money Saved 

The main benefit of a water softener is that it saves you money. Water low in minerals can go through pipes without causing build-up and damage. When your appliances last and aren’t breaking, you don’t have to spend on repairs

Because your appliances work more efficiently, you’ll also save money on energy bills. You also won’t have to use as much water to clean items around your house, so you’ll save money on your water bills as well. 

Now You Know the Best Water Softener Benefits

Though these three water softener benefits aren’t exhaustive of every benefit, these are some of the most important. The most significant benefit is that it can save you a lot of money down the road by helping your appliances last longer. 

This reduces the chances of damaged appliances. 

Besides saving money, you can also improve your clothing quality by removing water. Not to mention, it will improve your skin and hair! 

So, why wait any longer? Pick up some water softener today! 

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