Scientists Now Highlight Berberine Cholesterol-Balancing Effects

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( — December 27, 2021) Orlando, FL — Over the years, researchers have been investigating the healing goodness of various remedies like berberine. One of the therapeutic effects its use is linked with is its ability to regulate cholesterol levels.

In various research studies, berberine worked wonders in helping lower levels of LDL and reduce the likelihood of heart disease.

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In a review of 11 studies, scientists found the use of berberine led to reductions in total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and blood triglycerides. They also found that this natural remedy worked well in enhancing HDL or good cholesterol levels.

There are several mechanisms berberine is found to exert in benefit cholesterol levels and overall heart health. It’s even been shown to lower apolipoprotein B by 13-15 percent.

The investigator further reveal this natural remedy aided in inhibiting the enzyme called PCSK9. This is vital in rapidly eliminating LDL from the bloodstream. 

Scientists continue to research this natural remedy and its remarkable healing benefits to health. Divine Bounty Berberine is an excellent formula to use for individuals who are having trouble managing their cholesterol levels. It could be significantly helpful in the body’s ability to heal itself and regulate cholesterol levels.

According to statistics, 95 million adults in the United States who are 20 years old and older have total cholesterol higher than 200 mg/dl. Almost 29 million adults in the country have also been found to have total cholesterol levels higher than 240 mg/dl.

Further, researchers suggest that slightly over half of the U.S. adults, or 43 million could benefit from the use of cholesterol medications. Divine Bounty Berberine could be an excellent addition to the use of these pharmaceutical drugs and healthy diet consumers are following.

Divine Bounty Berberine offers an incredible 600mg of superior-quality berberine per capsule. Aside from being loaded with the healing goodness of this natural remedy, it is also pure and free from Artificial Colorants, titanium dioxide, BHT, talc, sodium benzoate, lead, mercury, fillers, binders, PCBs, titanium dioxide.

Every bottle of this amazing formula even contains 60 Vegetarian capsules, which makes it all the more superior than other brands. It could be a great choice for consumers who want to use berberine for preventive health purposes.

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