World First Study Highlights Link In Between Obesity and Lessened Brain Plasticity

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( — December 28, 2021) Orlando, FL — More and more researchers are studying ways to help people manage a healthy weight. It is important to note that obesity has long been associated with a range of undesirable health outcomes.

A study was carried out and published in Brain Sciences. 

In this research, which is the first in the world, it has been found that there is a link between obesity and reduced brain plasticity. Such a discovery has relevant implications for individuals 

recovering from a stroke or brain injury.

This study was carried out by researchers from UniSA and Deakin University. It has been found that in obese people, there is impairment in brain plasticity. This leads to their reduced ability to learn new tasks or remember things. 

Through the use of a series of experiments involving transcranial magnetic stimulation, the investigators tested 15 obese people aged between 18 and 60. These subjects were compared with 15 people in a healthy-weight control group.

The researchers also applied repeated pulses of electrical stimulation to the brain to see how strongly it responded. It has been found that the healthy-weight control group recorded significant neural activity in response to the stimulation.

Due to this finding, the researchers recommend a normal brain plasticity response. In contrast, the investigators found a minimal response in the obese group, suggesting its capacity to change was impaired.

According to UniSA researcher Dr. Brenton Hordacre, the findings provide the first physiological evidence of an association between obesity and lessened brain plasticity.

“Obesity is already associated with a raft of adverse health effects, including a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, and dementia,” Dr. Hordacre says.

“A growing number of people are obese — 650 million according to the World Health Organization — which not only has health consequences but is a serious financial burden for global health systems,” he adds.

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