Aspen Co Spiritual Guidance – Mindfulness/Chakra Life Coach Counselling Launched

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( — December 21, 2021) — New Earth Center has launched its new spiritual counseling service, a program that includes weekly spiritual guidance sessions over the course of three months.

The new program is built around the guiding principles of the New Earth Center. Each guidance session is designed to coach individuals through their spiritual problems, which will then help to correct material issues.

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The New Earth Center is designed around the idea that one can, through mindfulness and meditation, improve their internal selves with the ultimate goal of correcting the mental and physical deficiency. These new guidance sessions are conducted individually by the center’s two main spiritual guides, who will assist students on a personal basis.

The idea of Chakras as the main source of spiritual well-being comes from the Vedas, an Indian text dating back to somewhere around 500 BC. Chakra correction is the goal of many traditional and new-age wellness systems, and is also the basis for yoga.

Most of the New Earth Center’s programs have at least some basis in the ancient Chakra system, which targets various points in the body believed to be central to the energetic flow of the body. In the weekly guidance sessions offered through the counseling service, New Earth’s teachers will explore, over the course of a one-and-half-hour-long zoom call, ways in which physical and mental issues can be attributed to certain areas of the body, and fixed by targeting these areas.

Alua and Nick Patel, the center’s two coaches, will work together to provide guidance and coaching across their areas of expertise. Alua focuses on energetic, transformational healing, while Nick targets material issues that can be remedied either through direct action or spiritual movement.

Before the guidance sessions begin, New Earth Center offers consultations to ensure that the program suits the needs of the individual, and that the individual suits the program. The center places an emphasis on this compatibility, as otherwise, students may not be receptive to the wisdom dispensed in the program.

In the words of the center’s founders, “This transition to a healthier state requires us to review and reevaluate our beliefs, attitudes, mentalities, lifestyles, value systems, how we relate to each other, the way we work, and everything else.”

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