How global multi-cloud access optimises multi-cloud

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( — December 21, 2021) —

Cloud technology continues to transform the business landscape. It has become essential to the business operations of any company that is aiming to remain agile. The needs of your business are many and likely require you to look for different cloud-hosted services from multiple vendors to find the best combination of cloud solutions that meet your requirements. 

Consequently, using multiple cloud platforms can lead to the increased complexity of management and other challenges that require attention. Global multi-cloud access is one such solution that can enhance and streamline the use of multiple clouds. Find out more about it in this article.  

Why many businesses turn to multiple clouds

The overall advantages of having a multi-cloud setup generally far outweigh the associated challenges that may come with it. Having multiple vendors in your cloud infrastructure can increase the autonomy and flexibility of your cloud strategy due to less vendor lock-in, making migrations less impactful on your entire cloud infrastructure. You can also more easily choose freely between different vendors to find the most affordable solutions without compromising the key offerings. 

By using multiple vendors, your entire cloud infrastructure is also less vulnerable to both scheduled and unscheduled downtime and loss of business-critical data. Service Level Agreements from all the separate vendors can also help ensure 99.9% uptime around the clock. 

But what about the pitfalls for multi-cloud?

Multi-cloud leads to increased complexity

Having multiple cloud vendors requires you to interact with different vendors that each have their unique interfaces, APIs, and ways of managing the cloud environment, resulting in increased management complexity and risk of redundant costs. 

Multi-cloud strategies can also increase the complexity of security management. Due to using multiple cloud-hosted platforms, your data needs to be kept secure and private on several fronts. Therefore, having reliable security measures and secure networks are even more critical due to the increased difficulty of data and privacy monitoring. 

So, how can you work around these common challenges?

How global multi-cloud access can improve your multi-cloud strategy

While keeping all the regular benefits of multi-cloud, global multi-cloud access solutions also help minimise the issue of increased management complexity and fitting all the pieces together. Global multi-cloud access solutions can help your business streamline the cloud strategy and simplify connections through an easy-to-use and reliable cloud environment. A single portal lets you easily access every unique cloud platform and monitor, configure and manage your processes.

Leading global multi-cloud access providers can utilise their expansive and highly advanced network connectivity solutions to provide fast and efficient transmission between data centres and cloud services. They can also help you ensure high reliability, privacy, and security levels by using dedicated layer 2 and 3 connectivity and end-to-end encryption. 

Overall, global multi-cloud access can reduce both time and effort when using multiple clouds.