Knoxville TN Social Security Disability Claim Attorneys Legal Support Expanded

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( — December 21, 2021) –Wykoff & Sikes PLLC, (865-320-9444) a law firm based in Knoxville, Tennessee, has expanded its legal practice area to help with social security disability claims.

The Knoxville law firm Wykoff & Sikes guides and represents claimants through the process of navigating social security benefits adjudication. Their social security disability service includes assistance through the initial application as well as court representation if the case requires a hearing.

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The latest announcement is in line with Wykoff & Sikes’ vision of providing professional, reliable, and efficient legal services to the residents of Knoxville and the surrounding area.

According to the team at Wykoff & Sikes, many people simply give up on their social security disability claim because they have missed a deadline. The application process can be complex and time-consuming, leaving many people unable to complete the necessary steps to receive their entitlement.

Wykoff & Sikes works closely with claimants guiding them through the application process from start to finish with the first step is the ‘intake’. The intake involves a face-to-face meeting between the attorney and the client where their case is discussed. The attorney will ask questions about the client’s medical history and fill out all the necessary forms needed to apply for social security disability benefits.

Once all the documentation has been completed, the next step is to apply online. The legal team at Wykoff & Sikes helps with social security disability applications by guiding the client through the process and obtaining any medical records or evidence to support their claim.

Some cases require a hearing before the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review to assess the client’s claim. Wykoff & Sikes have extensive experience in such cases and will aid clients by completing an electronic record for the hearing, filing a brief outlining the case, and preparing them for testimony.

The law firm is headed by attorneys-at-law Wayne Wykoff and Cort Sikes. As successful lawyers, the pair have extensive experience and offer legal services across several practice areas. These include bankruptcy, child support, custody, DUI defense, family law mediation, personal injury, and social security disability.

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