Successful Christian Marriage – Relationship/Love Advice YouTube Channel Launch

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( — December 21, 2021) –The Giant Builders is a new YouTube channel intended to offer Christian-focused advice on the four main pillars of life: spirituality, health, business, and love. In its first official video, it offers practical relationship advice on maintaining love and respect in a marriage.

Hitting the ground running with an in-depth interview with well-respected author, Jerry McColgin, The Giant Builders announces its entry on YouTube. The new video with the founder of “Shocking Marriage” discusses the simple things couples can do almost immediately to maintain their passion and reinvigorate their relationship.

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The recent video entertains the idea that a successful relationship can be Christ-centered without it becoming boring. McColgin explains that God intended marriage to be a holy act between two people, and as such, requires faith and patience for it to flourish. In particular, both parties need to nourish the emotional, physical, and mental needs of their partners.

The goal, says The Giant Builders, is to prevent divorce. It notes recent research that suggests that almost 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce and separation, with the rate increasing to 60% for second marriages.

In the video, McColgin says that perhaps one of the main reasons for marriage dissatisfaction is a lack of communication between parties. One party may feel that they are not being heard or understood and may begin to lash out at their spouses in retaliation. This results in an endless cycle of victim-blaming and finger-pointing as neither party is willing to admit their faults.

By building a solid foundation centered on Christ, a married couple learns how to take a step back and listen to each other. This isn’t going to be easy, clarifies the author, but working through challenges together with deep compassion can help couples improve their relationships.

Jerry McColgin is the founder of Shocking Marriage which provides positive and practical insights designed to improve marriages through Christ-focused strategies. He is the author of the worldwide bestselling book of the same name.

The Giant Builders was founded by a happy Christian wife and mother and successful entrepreneur. She believes that everyone can become giant in their own lives when their actions are based on the teachings of the Lord and Savior.

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