Top 10 Banks in Switzerland

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( — December 27, 2021) —

The financial area in Switzerland contrasts by enormous size, business concentrate, topographically, and in the authoritative document. Swiss National Bank is the Central Bank of Switzerland and structures the nation’s money-related strategy as a free national bank. An essential objective of SNB is to value solidity and establish a proper climate for financial development. The banks in Switzerland make a massive commitment to achieving the Swiss monetary focus. After the economic emergency in 2008/09, Switzerland made many changes in financial guidelines.

Being in Switzerland, it is important to understand the banking system but it is equally important to know the mandatory health care insurance requirements. One must ensure to go through all health insurance offers when staying in Switzerland. 

List of top 10 banks

Here is a rundown of the central 10 Banks in Switzerland, which are as per the following:

UBS Switzerland 

UBS was established in 1998 after the combination between Union Bank of Switzerland, set up in 1862, and Swiss Bank Corporation, set up in 1872. It is the greatest of the banks in Switzerland, with seven basic work environments all through the planet.

Settled in Zurich, the bank gives the executives, resources, the board, and banking administrations. UBS Switzerland AG is an auxiliary of UBS AG. 

Net income: CHF 1.27 billion (2020) 

Total assets: CHF 316.83 billion (2020)

Credit Suisse 

Set up in 1856, Credit Suisse is one of the primary banks in Switzerland and has gotten comfortable in Zurich. The bank’s four divisions include Venture Banking, Private Banking, Resource Management, and a Shared Services Group that gives showcasing and backing to the following three divisions. 

Net income: CHF 2.51 billion (2020) 

Total assets: CHF 851.4 billion (3/2021)

Swiss Raiffeisen 

Swiss Raiffeisen is an agreeable bank in Switzerland. It comprises 226 agreeably organized Raiffeisen banks and operates 834 branches throughout Switzerland. 

Raiffeisen decided to leave the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) toward the end of March 2021. It presently plans to address its inclinations freely. 

Net income CHF 42.5 million (2020) 

Total assets: CHF 67.63 trillion (2020)

Zurich Cantonal Bank 

It is the biggest of the cantonal banks in Switzerland, established in 1870. Settled in Zurich, it gives bank accounts, focal home loan foundation advances, venture the executives’ administrations, and expert financing warning administrations to Swiss and German clients. 

Zurich Cantonal Bank additionally offers worldwide installments, letters of credit, narrative assortment administrations, send out money, and bank ensures. It works through roughly 60 branches and 320 ATMs throughout the country. 

Net gain: CHF 865 million (2020) 

Total assets: CHF 188.36 billion (2020)

Julius Baer 

Julius Baer is a private financial gathering available in 20 nations, established in 1890. Settled in Zurich, the bank utilizes 6,607 staff. It gives organized items and administrations like an optional command, venture warning, Lombard financing, land financing, and abundance arranging. 

The gathering likewise participates in protections, foreign trade, valuable metals exchanging, and warning administrations. It similarly runs an open items and administrations stage. 

Net income: CHF 698 million (2020) 

Total assets: CHF 109.14 billion (2020)

Banque cantonale de Genève (BCGE) 

As the name proposes, Banque cantonale de Genève (BCGE) is a cantonal bank established in 1861. The current type of bank appeared in 1994. 

Zeroing in on little and medium-sized organizations, BGCE gives contracts, individual credits, bank accounts, riches, and resources to the executive’s administrations, institutional land financing, warning administrations, worldwide ware money, and public specialists financing and the board. 

Settled in Geneva, Switzerland, the bank utilizes 820 people and works through an organization of 21 branches and 125 ATMs. It likewise works in Lausanne, Zurich, Basel, Lyon, Annecy, Paris, Dubai, and Hong Kong. 

Net income: CHF 105 million (2020) 

Total assets: CHF 27.54 billion (2020)


Established in 1924, Vontobel offers the board and resource the executive’s administrations, notwithstanding speculation banking. The bank right now utilizes 1,923 people. Settled in Zurich, it works in 21 areas around the world. 

Net income: CHF 243 million (2020) 

Total assets: CHF 31.42 billion (2020)

Migros Bank AG 

Established in 1958, Migros Bank is an auxiliary of Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund. The bank gives accounts, home loans, credit and venture administrations, monetary administrations, cards, and e-banking administrations. It currently utilizes around 1,406 people and oversees 67 branches in Switzerland alone. 

Net income: CHF 193 million (2020) 

Total assets: CHF 50.77 billion (2020)

Bank J. Safra Sarasin 

Set up in 1841, Bank J. Safra Sarasin is an auxiliary of the Brazilian Safra Group. The bank gives venture warnings and resources to private and institutional customers to the board administrations. It came into its current state in 2013, when the Safra Group procured Bank Sarasin and Co. Ltd and combined it with its Bank Jacob Safra Switzerland auxiliary. 

Settled in Basel, it as of now utilizes around 2,178 staff. It oversees workplaces in a few areas around the world, like Bern, Geneva, Lugano, Lucerne, Zurich, Doha, Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hamburg, Hanover, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Monaco, Munich, Nassau, Panama, Poznan, Singapore, Stuttgart, and Warsaw. 

Net income: CHF 300 million (2020) 

Total assets: CHF 38.0 billion (2020)

EFG International 

Established in 1995, EFG International is an EFG Bank European Financial Group auxiliary. The bank offers private banking and resource the board benefits and works in 40 areas. Settled in Zurich, it as of now utilizes 3,149 staff. 

It works through three principal business fragments: Private Banking and Wealth Management, Asset Management, and Investment and Wealth Solutions. EFG International’s Private Banking and Wealth Management portion is overseen on a territorial premise and gets partitioned into Continental Europe, Switzerland, the Americas, the United Kingdom, and Asia. 

Net income: CHF 115 million (2020) 

Total assets: CHF 40.64 billion (2020)