How To Save On Health Insurance Premiums in 2022 in Switzerland

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( — January 3, 2022) —

Is health insurance premium hovering around your head? Are you getting a bit confused if you are saving on the premium or compromising on benefits? Whether you already live in Switzerland or plan to come over, you will quench your thirst here. We will help you to understand one by one the primary details and techniques as to how to save on health insurance premiums in 2022 in Switzerland and without compromising on benefits.

Where To Begin Saving on Health Insurance Premiums

The easiest way to save is to go ahead blindly to strike out a few benefits and save on your premium amount. But we are instead going to explain how smartly you can save money and get benefits too. 

The first smart step is to go online and search for a health insurance comparison website. Here, you will compare health insurance plans offered by various service providers in Switzerland. You will see features, benefits, and discounts on the premium offered by various service providers. Before you select one, you can even ask for free quotes. 

Importance of Asking Basic Questions by a Health Insurance Comparison Website

These health insurance comparison websites will typically begin by asking a basic set of questions. These will be regarding your health conditions, Doctor visits, Any medication taken by you or a family member, your family income, etc. These are very important questions, and you should answer them carefully. Based on your answers, their search engines will take out recommended results for you, the plans suiting your requirements. So if you answer them wrongly, you will get the wrong recommendations. You can also play with different inputs to see the recommendations accordingly. It can also help you decide how much you are prepared to spend on the health insurance premium.

Things One Must Know To Save on Health Insurance Premium

Moving on, we will now discuss a few of the must-to-know points to save on your health insurance premium amount.

Basic and Supplementary Plans

There are two types of health insurance in Switzerland Basic and Supplementary. The Basic is compulsory for everyone whether living or coming to Switzerland. Supplementary is optional and is in addition to the Basic plan. Both plans are on a self-support basis, i.e., you have to pay and purchase them. Many service providers are providing both.

All insurance companies must provide a Basic plan, and they can not even refuse it. The Basic plan with all service providers covers the same set of benefits. There are options to choose from, but the basic plan is the same everywhere in totality.

It is a supplementary plan which could be different with various providers. The supplementary plan gives you enhanced coverage over and above the basic coverage given by the basic plan.

A Few Cost-Saving Components Form Health Insurance

Go in for a higher excess or deductible to decrease your premium amount. Check it out on an online health insurance comparison website and see for yourself for a substantial amount of savings. But it would be best if you considered your and your family’s health care needs before increasing the deductible, as this will be the amount you will be paying from your pocket every time you seek a claim.

Wisely select the type of insurance model that suits you. Often, you get an extra discount on an increased premium, claiming it as better features which you might even not need it. For example, if you are comfortable getting your first consultation from a qualified doctor over the phone, you could save some amount on your premium by going in for the TelMed model.  

Exclude accidental coverage if you are already employed. This will be unnecessary doubling as your employer is bound to give you one. Please do remember to opt for it if you lose your employment status.

If you fall in a low-income group, please apply for subsidies provided by your local authorities. Depending upon the canton, you could get a subsidy on your health insurance premium.

When called for military service, do suspend your health insurance for that duration to avoid doubling and save money.

My Baby Is On The Way

If you know your baby is on the way, then make the moment more memorable by taking a health insurance package even before they are born. It gives you a lot of advantages. You can have basic and supplementary in one package, and all childbirth-related needs get covered from day one itself. In the standard model, you get complete freedom to visit any doctor or specialist and hospital of your choice. You could also get complementary medicines and therapies.

Prenatal insurance also gives the advantage of birth-related risk covers. At this stage, even the supplementary insurance gets done without any medicals. So God forbid if there are any birth-related complications or children born with some complications, all get covered in supplementary insurance. However, in such cases, getting supplemental health insurance wouldn’t be possible if you plan to take it after childbirth. 

Avail up to sixty hours of nany service if you get admitted to the hospital as an inpatient. For outpatient or home delivery, you could get a lumpsum amount.

To sum it up, while health insurance in Switzerland is quite costly, but the coverage is very comprehensive. It ultimately gives a lot of satisfaction and happiness. So be aware, go online and visit a health insurance comparison website and choose best for yourself and your family.

Here is the Hot Tip: You can change your insurance provider every year, take basic and supplementary insurance from two separate providers, and change deductibles twice a year.