10 Reasons Why a Resource Tracking Software is Crucial During Remote Working Mode

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Working remotely is now more necessary after the pandemic than a global trend. But managing distributed teams and remote employees is not easy for project managers. It’s tough to track what they are working on, the status of their projects, and whether they are utilizing their time productively. So, how can you ensure that your team works with transparency in spending their working hours? How can you handle resources or teams that are spread across various geographies? Different work timings and managing multiple calendars is another challenge. Implementing state-of-the-art resource tracking software is the best solution. It enables you to monitor remote resources seamlessly and manage multiple calendars and different work timings. So, let’s discuss the main reasons you should use resource management software or a resource tracking tool.

Top Benefits of Using a Resource Tracking Software to Manage Remote Resources

  1. Real-time updates provide you accurate status of projects

Imagine monitoring the status of multiple projects and employees when working remotely? Isn’t it stressful? And what if your team is located across cities or geographies or working in different time zones? It will be so tough to know what each of your team members is working on and the current status. These days, most global organizations implement remote resource tracking software to get updates about the status of various projects, performance, and utilization of your team members, etc., in real-time. This resource management software also offers a consolidated directory or list of the entire resource pool and current projects in the organization. This central repository aids project managers to monitor and evaluate the milestones of each project and how different team members are progressing in just a few clicks.

  1. Clarity into your work processes

Filling in timesheets to track time and effort on various tasks can be quite beneficial. If the employees make filling time entries a part of their daily routine, your processes and organization will become more transparent. It also offers clearer insights into various requirements to be completed and the time or effort needed to do it. Especially in remote mode, resource tracking software can help you understand your priorities and the tasks that can be delayed a bit. It also offers a bird’s-eye view of the resource pool, their workload, which further helps in determining how you can optimize their utilization. Good productivity management software helps in managing and monitoring time for your distributed teams while offering clear insights for flawless project delivery.

  1. Manage your remote teams effectively

With businesses operating globally these days, you may have to manage employees or teams virtually. Also, remote work and distributed teams have become a norm because of the ongoing pandemic. Having said that, it is not easy for any project manager to keep a tab on what all his team members are doing and if they are using their time productively or not. Then, how will you find the best resource with the right skill set for a particular project in a specific location? Sounds impossible? Advanced cloud-based resource tracking software offers an intuitive interface, drag and drop functionality, powerful filters, and a consolidated central repository of all company’s projects and resources on one platform, which simplifies your resource scheduling process.

  1. Achieve better collaboration and coordination within your team

Using resource tracking software improves coordination and communication among your remote employees, multiple teams, and even between departments. There may be different resources or roles involved, even while working on a project. To be able to execute the project seamlessly and to meet the schedule, it is vital that all concerned team members stay connected and are on the same page. A resource tracking software helps project managers to keep their team members connected, in loop, and updated. 

  1. Share data and documents easily

While working in a remote mode, the biggest problem is faced by teams when they have to share heavy files or documents. Saving such data on individual drives creates version control issues. But by implementing a resource tracking software, the team members who could be working remotely from any part of the globe can ask queries, share their challenges, status updates, or review documents easily and instantly. Such a resource management tool is also very beneficial when it comes to sharing any information, data, documents, or files in just a few clicks.  

  1. Managing shared calendars and meeting scheduling 

A resource tracking software such as eResource Scheduler provides your team with a shared calendar that can be used to plan important meetings and events. The team calendar sends a notification to all when any resource is unavailable or is on leave. This helps the project manager plan and schedule various meetings as per all the stakeholders’ availability and convenience. The shared calendar can also be used for booking non-human resources like an office facility or a meeting room much ahead of time. 

  1. Regular tracking of all tasks and projects

Project managers usually need to monitor the performance and productivity of their team and track the status of all projects too. They need to ensure that they can deliver projects on time and within the budget. Resource tracking software helps track every task and project status to easily achieve this goal. You can easily do so with such a tool if you want to pull out any data, dashboards, or reports for some meeting. Therefore, resource productivity software also helps project managers use all their resources optimally and constantly track their projects effectively. 

  1. Measure resource utilization

To optimize resource utilization, you first need to accurately measure the utilization of effort being put in by the team. A resource tracking software uses various algorithms that can easily track and measure resource utilization at multiple levels such as resource, team, project, office, etc. To top it all, the tool updates this information in real-time whenever any manager creates a new booking, deletes some booking, or updates it. These utilization reports can be easily configured and offer the data and information needed to make management decisions.

  1. Improved resource scheduling

Though trust is the most important aspect of working in teams, as remote work mode has become a routine, it can get difficult. It’s difficult for managers to check if all the resources are reporting on time and track the number of hours they are putting in for productive and non-productive tasks. It’s tough for a project manager to schedule resources precisely for a task or project. However, implementing resource tracking software can help you save a lot of money for your business. It improves the overall resource scheduling process, and your profit margins become better too.

  1. Advantages of a digital dashboard

With such a tool, you can view details about all the resources in the organization, check a list of all current projects, and even booking data on one online repository. You can easily use data to design dashboards or reports in a few easy steps. A resource tracking software like eResource Scheduler helps you to design customized portals or create analytics as required. This detailed data can be used to forecast what are the future resource requirements. The tool’s security rights and highly advanced filters control data visibility and offer access to users as per their requirements and role.

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