Benefits of Dvd maker for windows 10

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( — January 4, 2022) —

What is the DVD maker for windows 10?

Microsoft has introduced a DVD authoring program named windows DVD maker, available in windows 7 and windows Vista edition. But with the release of Windows 8, Microsoft brought a DVD burning functionality into OS where the windows DVD program has been discontinued. Windows DVD maker helps create your own DVD with audio, video clippings, pictures on windows 7 or windows vista edition. The DVD maker for windows 10 helps burn photos and videos to a DVD disc without using any other software. Windows DVD maker is available only on windows 7 version of is but this program is not available in windows 10. In all aspects windows, 10 DVD makers prove to be more efficient as they support all picture video formats for DVD burning. 

Windows 7/8/XP DVD Maker Download

Windows DVD maker can be downloaded securely from Windows DVD for windows 7/8/XP/vista. Windows DVD maker developers include a DVD maker software development kit to create transitions, styles, and effects. 

Windows DVD Maker 2021 Download

Windows DVD maker supports more than 100 video formats to DVD. It supports all DVD types. Even if you make high-quality videos, there’ll be no quality loss at all. There are built-in custom DVD subtitles, templates, and DVD menus. 

You can burn your movies, photos, videos, slideshow, pictures into DVD using  DVD maker windows. You’ve to connect to your computer a blank DVD first and then launch the windows DVD maker application on your device. Select photos and videos option from the main interface and choose the option of ‘Add items .’You can choose whatever you want to include in your DVD and click the add option. Several customizable DVD parameters include aspect ratio, DVD burner speed, playback settings, video format, temporary file location, etc. 

You can also customize the DVD menu styles. You can view the created disc before burning with the preview option. At last, click the burn option for starting the creation. You can know more about Windows 10/11 DVD Maker Download from this website

Windows Movie Maker software Download

Windows movie maker is an excellent software that works as an alternative to Microsoft DVD maker. It is a DVD maker program that burns all photos, videos to a DVD disc. You can convert videos to DVD discs, DVD folders, ISO files. It has a fast DVD burning speed with additional customizable settings and supports all major video formats. 

Advantages of DVD maker for windows 10

 The key advantages include the following-

  • Writing multimedia contents quite fast to optical discs

  • Many audio, video and picture formats are supported, including WAV, PNG, AVI, MP3, GIF, MP4, WMV, BMP, ASF, JPG, etc. 

  • Quite compatible with DVD types like DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-ROM, DVD+RW.

  • Creating a slideshow with photos and burning it to DVD

  • You can arrange videos and photos sequentially and also add/remove them before burning

  • You get other options like aspect ratio and customizable settings for playback

  • You can easily make unique style DVDs of your own as there are numerous DVD menu styles offered by windows DVD maker 

  • Users get customized DVD menu templates and a few useful options/tools.