Mounting Evidence Highlights DIM’s Benefits Against Menopause Symptoms

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( — January 13, 2022) Orlando, FL — More and more researchers are carrying out studies to look into the remedies helpful for women who struggle with menopause. 

There are many symptoms menopausal women suffer from, and many of them are due to hormonal imbalance. 

According to experts, hormonal imbalances may be the underlying cause for a wide selection of unwanted symptoms, such as weight gain, fatigue, or low mood. It is worth noting that these hormones are chemicals produced by the endocrine system glands.

It is called hormonal imbalance when there is too little or too much of a hormone. One of these symptoms is mood swings, which happen when the female sex hormone called estrogen affects the neurotransmitters in the brain. 

Hormonal imbalance may also lead to low libido, and this is particularly common among women undergoing perimenopause or menopause. This is due to the fact that they have dropping levels of testosterone and estrogen.

There are various ways to regain hormone balance, especially during menopause. One is to avoid the consumption of alcohol, sugar, spicy foods, caffeine, and hot soups. 

Experts further recommend avoiding unnecessary stress, which is one of the major causes of hot flashes and night sweats. 

It is worth noting that the body has been found to react to constant stress by increasing the levels of cortisol, which changes the normal balance of hormones in the body. Other techniques include exercising daily and using remedies like DIM or diindolylmethane.

Therapeutic ingredients like Diindolylmethane (DIM) continue to gain increasing attention from the scientific community. It is being widely researched due to its remarkable healing benefits. 

It has even been found to be potentially helpful against hormone-related conditions, such as menopause symptoms. 

Various research studies have demonstrated that this remedy works in promoting proper hormone metabolism. What makes it all the more beneficial is that it aids in enhancing estrogen/ progesterone equilibrium, and this is helpful in regulating hot flashes and related symptoms. 

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