What Is The Best Small Food Processor?

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Are you single? Well this is not for a marriage proposal but to make your day a lot easier with the best mini food processor; that compares with the sizeable best food processor in India. There are days when the minimal amount of food needs to be prepared and peeling, slicing the ingredients can be boring as well as time-consuming. Try the best food processor brand in India that offers you the choice of mini food processors for optimum utilisation of food and energy resources. Their size might be small but they are no way inferior to the medium and large sized food processors.

The best food processor brand in India stands up to certain criteria that meets the individual requirements of the minimal capacity to feed the jar with. 1-3 cups is the usual capacity of the small or mini food processor to have in the kitchen of a user preparing food for themselves or another person alone. You can easily chop, mince and grind the vegetables, parsley and cheese into fine textures or the required texture to witness an evenly cooked dish, that matches the quality of the professional cookhouse. Here is a crisp list of the best mini food processors to have in the all vibrant Indian kitchen.

Favourites in the Mini Food Processor Range

The small-sized food processors must be chosen with care as the low budget ones might lure you into short-lived bliss of easy chopping, blending and pureeing. Make sure you only stick to the well-known brands that actually offer warranties for even the small or mini-sized food processors. The following fall in the price range of INR 600-3000. They are available online as well as the stores that sell kitchen appliances. 

  • Philips Multichopper

  • Cuisinart mini prep plus food processor

  • Nutriblend Compact Food Processor

  • Kitchenaid cordless chopper

  • Good Housekeeping 2 cup mini food processor

  • Borosil 300W chopper

  • Inalsa food chopper Joy Plus

These best food processors can be fed with one to three cups maximum of the raw ingredients to be modified by the stainless steel blades; which in turn are powered by a strong motor, to turn them through the input vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat and other eatables. Their capacity varies from 550 mL to 900 mL.

The blades and the supporting motor are instrumental in capturing the edibles placed inside it. Quickly replaceable blades make different functions in a short span of time as the food is untouched by knives, stored perfectly in the processing bowl. The same jar contains the essence of cooking which is lost on the slicing boards while cooking traditionally.


The 70-250 watt motor helps to operate the mini food processors which can handle 1- 3 cups maximum. They might not be enough when cooking a gala meal for many, but they are perfect for individual meal preps that are staple in the everyday chores. Choose the best food processor brand that offers mini to small food processors for easy dish preparations forming little tasks. They have marked settings to grind, chop and knead, followed by the matching blades, jar capacities for regular tasks to please your palate each day.