Unique Blik Payment System for Poles Playing at Internet Casinos

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(Newswire.net — January 11, 2022) — Although playing in an online casino is enjoyable, there will always be the issue of how you’re going to get the winnings. For this reason, the payment methods available are a big concern. A few days ago, online casino enthusiasts and experts like Milan Rabszski gathered in Stratus Restaurant in Toronto for the EEGE (Exchange of Expert’s Gambling Experiences). This event consisted of a series of presentations and discussions that lasted three hours. They discussed the opportunities and struggles associated with playing online. Three experts invited from the United States, Canada, and Russia also discussed various aspects of online payments. Milan focused his presentation on something Polish players can relate to. The 50 participants enjoyed the talk about BLIK, one of the most popular payment methods in Poland.

As the editor-in-chief, portal author, and expert at the reputable website TopKasynoOnline, Milan Rabszski guides players when selecting online casinos in Poland. He also educates the newer ones in understanding how various games work. In his effort to do so, he collates all information and updates on games, payment methods, bonuses, and any other relevant information on online gambling. TopKasynoOnline is headquartered in Złota 59, 00-120 Warsaw and may be reached by phone at +48 22 595 14 00 or via email at topkasynoonline@gmail.com. They also have a podcast on online casino-related topics on topkasynoonline.buzzsprout.com.

During his presentation, Milan responded to the audience’s questions about BLIK. If you’re not very familiar with this, the information contained in this article will be useful for you.

What Is BLIK?

BLIK is the first Polish non-card payment system that allows you to cash in and withdraw money just using your mobile device. Founded in 2014, it has since grown into one of Poland’s most recognizable payment methods. In fact, as of 2021, 7.6 million people have used it — a 55% increase in just one year. Currently, it has 16 partner banks: Bank Millennium, Alior Bank, PKO BP, ING Bank Śląski, mBank, Noble Bank, and Bank Pekao SA, just to name a few.

“BLIK has every potential to be a global brand. We’ll definitely see more of it not only in online casinos but also in other industries.” proclaimed Milan Rabszski in discussing its potential. It is challenging giant competitors like Google Pay and pay-by-links offered by various Polish banks.

Can You Use It for All Online Casinos?

BLIK supports millions of transactions each day, including those involving online casinos. Although not every casino supports this payment method, you will find that there are still many options for you. You can always check directly on the casino’s site to see if they support BLIK payments.

Even with all the conveniences, BLIK affords its users, it still has a long way to go before becoming as mainstream as Visa or Mastercard. One of the participants asked if there would be a time when the usage of BLIK would be as widespread as the more popular methods today.

“The market will always respond to the demand,” Mr. Rabszski responded. “BLIK’s user base grew by more than 50 percent in just one year. You’ll definitely see more online casinos embracing its usage in the future.”

What Are Its Main Features?

Although BLIK has features similar to e-wallets, it’s more of an intermediary for your transactions. With it, you can pay for online and in-store purchases, send money to a phone number, and deposit money to your account without a card. On top of these, BLIK also boasts the following features:

  • Pay using a 6-digit passcode
  • Generate a BLIK check to send money even if the recipient doesn’t have internet access
  • Use BLIK One Click to remember merchants and companies you’ve already transacted with

Do all this without downloading an app. This feature is already embedded in partner bank applications. That’s why it’s so popular among Poles! It provides:

  • Security. All transactions are confirmed using your banking app.
  • Speed. No need to enter card or bank account numbers to start.
  • Convenience. As long as you have a phone and internet connection, you’re good.

How to Create an Account in BLIK

Despite the simplicity, security isn’t compromised at all. When you download a partner bank’s app, the bank itself will verify your identity through call or SMS. You will also have to set up a password, a PIN, or a fingerprint scan to secure the app.

As Milan said, “simplicity and security can go together. The great minds behind BLIK have proven this.” After completing the verifications, you can use the app.

Fees and Limits

Many from the audience wondered if there are fees and limits associated with using BLIK. But because BLIK itself is not an independent app, it’s up to the partner banks to set the rates associated with the services. For example, Millennium Bank sets a PLN 10,000 single transaction limit

But the actual usage of the app is completely free. All charges will be charged to the online casino.

Depositing and Withdrawing Money Using BLIK

Both depositing and withdrawing money with BLIK are incredibly easy. This sparked curiosity, especially from a seasoned gambler from the United States. He was very curious about how it compared with the process used by top competitors. Here is a summarized version of what Milan Rabszski said as a response:

Mr. Rabszski points out that, although BLIK doesn’t support withdrawals, there are already a lot of popular options that are just as convenient. Using the table above to support his statement, he believed BLIK is still the best balance between security and convenience.

To everyone’s surprise, there’s another Pole in the audience! He agreed with Milan because, in his three years of playing, the only payment method he constantly used was BLIK. Compared to the competitors, only with BLIK did he never have to log into anything.

Quick Facts About BLIK

Milan Rabszski mainly discussed the possibilities available for Blik Kasyno. But there was one question from the Russian expert who presented before Mr. Rabszski. Before Milan ended, he asked whether there were more interesting things about BLIK that could be shared with everyone. Here are the most memorable facts that Milan mentioned:

  • The company shares were decided with a coin toss.
  • There were 8.6 million active BLIK users as of 2021.
  • BLIK won the eDukat 2020 award as the company of the year in 2020.

To wrap up this article, we prepared another table comparing the general experience of using various payment methods.

As for the limitation of BLIK in not allowing deposits, everyone who joined the presentation was still impressed by how simple this payment method is. A lot even asked if it will be available in their country! We’ll definitely see soon, won’t we?

Note: Unfortunately, online gambling is currently illegal in Poland. All the texts mentioned above are solely for informational purposes targeted at readers outside the country.