Wallets for storing DASH cryptocurrency

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There are many options for storing DASH cryptocurrency. The safest remain hardware devices and desktop wallets that offer a “cold” way to store digital assets. However, it really depends on the purpose of the wallet. If you need a wallet for long-term storage of large sums, then cold wallets come to the rescue. For regular exchange and trading, online programs, including exchange wallets, are great. They have convenient functionality, so they allow you to make quick and easy transactions. But don’t forget that web resources have an insufficient level of protection, so there is always the possibility of hacking.

DASH Wallets for Computer

  • Exodus is a client with an internal exchanger. Keys are encrypted and stored locally, so the responsibility for the safety of funds lies with the owners. The service does not use any third-party servers or accounts, so no data leakage is possible.

  • Dash Core is a full-featured P2P client with InstantSend and PrivateSend support. There is also support for nodes and the ability to interact with the RPC console. It is a “full” wallet that requires downloading the entire blockchain.

  • Jaxx Liberty is an extension for Chrome browser. The program allows you to track the dynamics of cryptocurrencies, capitalization data and news modules. There are also blockchain reviewers for various blockchains. Private keys are stored locally and are under the full control of the owners.

  • Dash Electrum is a lightweight wallet that allows secure transaction management. The disadvantage is limited functionality.

  • Guarda is a multicurrency wallet with an internal exchanger. You can quickly and safely convert digital assets in complete anonymity.

  • Cionomi is a multi-currency service used by millions of people. It supports more than 380 tokens and allows for fast and secure transactions.

Separately, I’d like to mention the paper wallet. This is another cold storage option that works on a bearer basis. The DASH paper wallet creates, encrypts, and allows you to securely store private keys. Great for long-term storage with an increased level of security.

Online wallets for DASH

  • Guarda – presented in 4 versions: web, desktop, mobile, Google Chrome extension.

  • DASH Web Wallet – online wallet, specially created for work with Dash. Allows you to perform all the basic operations with the coin, plus supports the work with Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets. Wallet is available at this link.

  • Magnum is a non-custodial multicurrency wallet that gives users full control over private keys. The client is focused on passive income and simplicity of functionality.

In addition to the listed clients, there are also text wallets. They are designed in case there is no smartphone or internet connection. You can work with Dash tokens via text messages on simple phones.

Mobile wallets for smartphones and tablets

  • Cionomi – wallet for computer and smartphone.

  • Edge is a multicurrency wallet that offers simple functionality and increased security. The service has a built-in exchanger, which allows you to convert some cryptocurrencies to others without the help of third-party resources.

  • Dash Android is a wallet with support for advanced features of the platform, in particular InstantSend. QR codes can be used for quick payments. The service allows you to enter paper wallets, keep an address book, use NFC, etc.

  • Dash Electrum, Jaxx Liberty – wallets for PC and smartphone.

  • Abra – a secure client that works with bank cards, allows to store and exchange over 30 types of cryptocurrencies.

  • Trust – the official wallet of the popular Binance exchange. The client will interact directly with Binance DEX, due to which users will be able to carry out instant transactions.

  • Ethos – a secure mobile wallet that allows you to store, exchange and monitor cryptocurrencies on other devices, such as hardware wallets.

  • Evercoin is a multi-currency wallet with an exchange function. It is characterized by advanced trading functionality, such as limit orders.

  • Magnum Wallet is a multicurrency service that gives users full control over their private keys. It focuses on ease of use and passive income.

  • OwnBit is a multi-currency wallet that supports multiple signatures. It allows customers to manage multiple wallets and addresses simultaneously, making transactions easier.

  • Bitnovo is a client that allows you to top up your wallet with fiat money in many stores, as well as top up debit cards. There is a built-in InstantSend feature for instant direct transactions. Private keys are under the full control of the owners.

Hardware wallets for DASH

  • Trezor. Hardware wallets provide the highest degree of security. Trezor software is open source and allows you to sign transactions without disclosing keys.

  • Ledger– model hardware wallets that have a built-in chip where private keys are stored. Thus the maximum level of security is provided.

  • KeepKey works in conjunction with a wallet installed on a PC. It takes upon itself functions of transactions signing, generation of private keys and their storage.

Text wallets

There are also text wallets for storage and transfer of DASH:

  • Coin Text – currently works with DASH cryptocurrency in the U.S. and Canada. There are plans to expand to 50 countries and beyond. The service makes it possible to transfer funds without complex addresses, no internet, no account and no applications.

  • Dash Text – the service works with Dash cryptocurrency only within the borders of Venezuela. Allows you to transfer coins via text message. The commission for use is equal to the cost of SMS, set by the service provider.