Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds

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Amnesia Haze feminized seeds have a confounded at this point noteworthy legacy coming from incredible landrace strains around the world. These days, it’s perhaps the most notable mixture from loved Haze hereditary qualities.

The old fashioned 90s cultivar gives a novel psyche hustling experience combined with average indica unwinding. Its bountiful terpenes additionally give an extensive rundown of restorative capacities, weighty yields, and a certainly moreish flavor profile.

The sativa prevailing maryjane may challenge beginner cultivators, yet it’s definitely worth the work. Its exceptionally pursued ascribes are grant winning and have landed it in the High Times ’25 Greatest Strains, all things considered’.

Albeit presently many years old, Amnesia Haze feminized stays similarly as well known as the day it assumed control over the 420 scene. It’s currently a staple for Amsterdam coffeeshops and dispensaries across the US.


You just need to take a gander at photos of the cold white colas suggestive of snow-covered mountains to see that the buds from feminized Amnesia Haze seeds mean business.

Its plate of mixed greens bowl of landrace hereditary qualities makes a complicated and novel involvement in hard-hitting flavors and liberal THC potential.

The mixture inclines 70% towards sativa strength and 30% for its indica foundation. The last option gives the cultivar its undeniable aroma and flavor while chopping down a possibly long blooming time.

Finishing the brilliant blend is Haze-based legacy, an amazing strain brought into the world from the intersection of many more landraces. It’s currently a mainstay of present day marijuana and has given way to a genealogy of grant winning half and halves in which Amnesia Haze feminized is the most well known.

The strain is profoundly acclaimed for its sativa style, breathing new life into full-bodied impacts which rouse concentration, innovativeness, and euphoric dispositions.

The cultivar is the ideal daytime solution for returning an enthusiasm to your step and calming therapeutic weed patients from different manifestations.

The bud developed from Amnesia Haze Feminized seeds has won a prize bureau of grants for its cherished traits. These awards incorporate three ahead of everyone else wins in esteemed maryjane rivalries like The High Times Cannabis Cup.


The blossoms developed from Amnesia Haze feminized cannabis seeds convey quick impacts when you enjoy the principal puff. Anticipate that the experience should keep going for a couple of hours as this strain is commended for its life span.

Its medium to high THC content of 16% to 25% won’t take your breath away. All things being equal, it hones your concentration and instigates profound consideration and innovative reasoning. High dosages can make your brain clear altogether too well, thus the name.

Euphoric energy shows up, emphatically further developing your mind-set and elevating your drive to finish things. Amnesia Haze feminized is the ideal daytime smoke to rouse you or go with high energy exercises like working out, profound cleaning, and even sex.

In the end, the cultivar’s indica legacy steps in to lessen the danger of hyperactivity. A rush of unwinding washes over your body, settling you down into the munchies or a decent discussion.

Because of the comprehensive idea of Amnesia Haze feminized impacts, the bud has a variety of therapeutic properties.

The best of which encompasses mental prosperity. Patients battling pressure, tension, and discouragement pick this weed as their go-to home cure.

It’s additionally a famous decision to assist with letting the indications free from exhaustion and ongoing torments, while those with craving misfortune benefit from its capacity to invigorate hunger.


Amnesia Haze feminized blossoms fill your developing region with billows of lively lemon fragrances. Wait somewhat longer, and you’ll see complex feelings of cedarwood and earth.

These mouth-watering scents allure you from as soon as the blooming stage the entire way to gather and then some.

At the point when ground and illuminated, appropriately restored buds from feminized Amnesia Haze seeds inject their weighty smell with average Haze family kinds of blossoms and zest.

When you breathe in, the smooth smoke envelopes your range. Each hit features the cultivar’s terpene profile, rich with Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene, to give some examples making this present weed’s obvious aroma and flavor.

                                    Hereditary Qualities

Similar to the case with numerous outdated cultivars conceived pre-2000s, the specific beginnings of the first Amnesia Haze, which lead to the feminized variant, are an all around secret.

What we cannot deny is that the cultivar is the consequence of a mixture of unbelievable landrace cultivars, including:

  • Thai

  • Afghani

  • Hawaiian

  • Jamaican

  • South Asian

  • Cambodian

The most acknowledged hypothesis encompassing the making of Amnesia Haze feminized seeds is an account of a few parts. During the 70s, the ‘Murkiness frenzy’ had brought off down the West Coast.

The first cultivar, likewise brought into the world from a blend of landraces, immediately acquired global acknowledgment and a few different reproducers repeated its prosperity by making crossovers.

Fast forward to the 90s, and American raiser David Paul Watson purportedly cross-reared the above native sativa-predominant landraces to make the first of the Amnesia genealogy.

The two strains turned out to be profoundly pursued, and their hereditary qualities advanced across the water to the world renowned hub of marijuana Amsterdam.

In the Netherlands, the first Amnesia was then reproduced with Nevil’s Haze by a compost organization proprietor known as Zwiep. Subsequently, Amnesia Haze was conceived as a strain that is going to overwhelm the universe of weed.

The cultivar was first presented as a clone. Because of its notoriety, Zwiep and a Spanish seed bank united to deliver customary and Amnesia Haze seeds in a feminized structure.

                                    Where to buy

On the off chance that Amnesia Haze seeds in feminized structure are your next home development experience, follow the beneath tips to buy cannabis seeds.

Before you begin, you should actually look at the current laws in your state. The best weed seed retailers likewise offer an assortment of different administrations, including:

  • A germination ensure

  • Contacts subtleties for client assistance

  • Instructive material

  • Rebate advancements or reliability plans

  • Online journals, news, master exhortation

Other intuitive highlights like a cultivators gathering or journal

It’s likewise an indication that you’re managing a real and premium weed seed organization when legends in the 420 local area connect themselves to that brand.

Kyle Kushman and Steve DeAngelo, for instance, call Homegrown Cannabis Co. their home.

The in-house specialists are close by to share their insight and engage a local area of similar individuals.

An extraordinary cultivar

The honor winning bud from Amnesia Haze feminized seeds has had steady prominence for quite a long time, accomplishing exemplary status. While the cultivar doesn’t flaunt the most elevated levels THC these days, the moment hit and life span of its special impact mean it’s actually respected right up ’til the present time.

Amnesia Haze feminized is a first rate decision for sporting and restorative clients. Most patients with temperament issues go to it over some other strain, and it’s become one of the most notable strains in the worldwide 420 local area.

It displays both indica and sativa attributes as it develops, making it outwardly striking yet trying for beginner cultivators. A great yield anticipates the people who put in the energy with this maryjane.

Develop your reserve of a-list weed today. Make sure to just purchase Amnesia Haze Feminized seeds from a legitimate seed bank like i49 to guarantee this development experience isn’t one you need to forget in a rush.