Nigerian Betting: Which Sport Is Most Suitable for Beginners?

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( — January 22, 2022) — Betting is one of the most popular activities all over the world. There are several options for betting, but there are some events that attract more bets than other sports. So, most betted sports are:

  • Soccer-/Football –  29%
  • Basketball – 24%
  • Tennis – 20%
  • Rugby Union/League – 14%
  • Cricket – 11%   
  • Others – 2%

Most sports have a simple scoring system that is easy to understand. Soccer, the most popular sport in Nigeria, has two teams playing against each other with an aim of putting the ball into the opponent’s goal more times than their opponents do. However, there are different types of bets on soccer that are quite complicated and difficult to understand especially for newcomers.

The game of Tennis is played between two players (or teams) on a rectangular court divided by a net. Each player (or team) uses a racket that they try to strike a tennis ball placed at the end of a cord suspended over the net so it will fall within the confines of the court or outside the area where his/her opponent can reach it with his/her racket but within the server’s area. During a game of tennis, one player serves (or bowls) the ball towards the opponent’s side and after each successful strike (by either one or both players), players switch sides until one of them reaches 7 points.

As for Basketball, it is played by two teams with five members in each team on an oval court divided into two halves that are separated by a line through the central part of the court. The objective is to score points by throwing the ball through a basket fixed on either end of the court while following specific rules which include dribbling, passing, shooting, blocking, etc.

The game of cricket has different formats starting from test matches to softball cricket but for betting purposes there are only three types of bets; match betting, session betting, and totals betting. During match betting the cricket team which wins the toss at the beginning of the game has to answer whether they want to bat first or bowl while in session betting one player/team scores more than other while in total bets only the total runs scored by both teams are bet on.

Best Sports for New Bettors

Betting is fun but it can be complicated especially for beginners who have little idea about how things work here. So it’s advisable that newbies should start with simple sports like Soccer, Basketball, and Tennis before moving to other complicated ones like Cricket or Rugby Union/League where there are several types of bets too many to understand especially for newcomers. Additionally, all these sports are easier to understand and chances of getting lost in the middle of placing a bet because it’s complicated or difficult to follow are very slim.

Soccer is relatively easy compared to other betting options but new players should place simple bets on the winner only until they have enough references/history about that particular sport. Placing straight bets (bets on the result/winner of an event) is simple and straightforward where one has to place their bet on a specific team they think will win, if that team wins the player gets their money back plus whatever they staked in addition to winnings. Also, Soccer is popular all over Nigeria so chances of getting lost when placing a bet once one becomes familiar with it are rare.

Best for Experienced Bettors

As for experienced bettors, most sports can be used to place bets on due to their simplicity or complexity. However, some popular sports like Soccer and Cricket attract a lot of bettors every day which makes it difficult for one to win big because there is a high chance that the odds will not favor them. Although Rugby Union/League has fewer bettors compared to other sports, it attracts bettors who have good knowledge about the game due to its complicated nature which gives experienced bettors an upper hand when placing bets.


Overall, Soccer and Cricket are good sports to bet on due to their simplicity but if one is experienced they can use other sports too. Additionally, beginners should start with Soccer and Basketball before trying Tennis, Rugby Union/League, or any other sport because those two options are relatively easy compared to others. Finally, it’s advisable that new players place simple bets such as who to win only until they get familiar with that particular sport. Therefore, N1 BET offers a variety of sports for betting, which will be interesting both for beginners and seasoned bettors. Go for it.