7 Reasons Every Cigar Enthusiast Needs a Humidor

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(Newswire.net — January 24, 2022) –If you’re a cigar aficionado, or just looking for a new hobby to try out, then there’s no better way to enjoy your favorite cigars than with the proper humidor storage device! A humidor is an excellent investment because it will protect and preserve your smoke from damage such as mold and drying out. Below are the importance of using a humidor.

1.    It Keeps The Cigars In A High-Quality Smoking Condition For A Longer Duration

A humidor will maintain the humidity in an enclosed space by both releasing and absorbing moisture. It’s become common knowledge that cigars are best maintained when stored at 70% humidity levels. The proper level of humidity will ensure your cigars retain their freshness, allowing you to smoke them without having to worry about them drying out or going stale.

2.    It Helps Maintain The Presence Of Important Tobacco Oils

The longer your cigars are stored in a humidor, the more it will keep their tobacco oil content intact. Tobacco leaves used to make cigars have essential oils that give them their distinct flavor and aroma. If these oils become too dry they’ll evaporate, weakening the cigar’s original flavor. The more time spent in a humidor, the more these oils will be preserved.

3.    It Can Add To Your Cigar’s Flavor And Aroma

A humidor will age the cigars in your collection, giving them a distinct taste and smell that you won’t get from smoking them right away. It’s said that properly aged cigars make for a better smoking experience, due to the presence of certain chemicals and acids found in the tobacco leaves which change their flavor and aroma.

4.    It Makes A Great Showpiece For Your Collection Of Cigars

If you’re a cigar enthusiast, you probably have a large collection of cigars that you like to keep and show off. A humidor is great for keeping your smokes fresh and ready for smoking. If you want to display them prominently in your home or office, then consider adding a glass cabinet humidor that can be easily viewed by guests.

5.    It Allows You To Monitor The Humidity Levels In Your Smokes

Humidor stores a larger amount of cigars that can dry out quickly, maintaining its constant humidity content becomes especially crucial. There are digital and analog units that will allow you to monitor and adjust its humidity levels more precisely. It’s recommended to keep the humidor between 66%-72% humidity levels to keep your smokes in optimal condition.

6.    It Keeps Cigars Away From Dirt And Dust Particles

Humidors are super useful for avoiding common problems that can ruin a cigar such as a mold and tobacco beetles. Once you’ve placed your cigars inside, make sure to keep them away from any dust or dirt particles that may cause damage. Avoid exposing the humidor to too much sunlight as it can negatively affect the cigars’ taste.

7.    It’s The Proper Way To Transport Cigars When You’re On The Go

If you want to keep your cigars fresh and ready for smoking, then it’s recommended that you keep them inside a humidor if you’ll be taking them out. If you’re going camping or on a road trip, then there are small travel humidors that will protect the condition of your cigars.

Taking care of your cigars is an important step in the smoking process, which is why you should consider investing in a humidor. The benefits outweigh the price when it comes to cigar storage, making it an excellent investment for any cigar enthusiast.