Best Locations to Visit in the UK

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( — February 3, 2022) —

Most people associate the UK with only England but Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland are also a part of it and a big tourist attraction considering its importance in human history. The culture is well preserved and some of the most popular places are not party destinations, instead, you can see many important memorabilia.

London: England Capital

Planning a trip can be difficult with the restrictions we have all over the world but it’s still manageable if you are well-informed. London is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the UK and that’s for a good reason. Big Ben, Parliament Buildings, Crown Jewels, River Thames, and Tower Bridge are only some of the famous locations you should see in person.

Just make sure you plan everything in advance because there can be delays in flights, trips, and other activities caused by COVID. Also, get your international license for United Kingdom so you can use your own vehicle or rent one.

Edinburgh: Capital of Scotland

One of the best routes you can take with your vehicle is from one capital to another while stopping by to check other destinations. It’s the most visited location in the UK because of its amazing architecture and famous Edinburgh Castle.

You can check out the Stone of Destiny that was caped in London for 700 years before being brought back to Scotland. The Royal Mile is a popular site where you have a lot of art galleries, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Ancient Stonehenge

After traveling to a few cities, you might want to get somewhere away from the crowd and the best location is the wonder of the world Stonehenge. Some professionals say that it’s over 4500 years old where some of the stones weigh around 30 tons. If you haven’t seen any world wonder, this will be an amazing sight because it’s something that we couldn’t build.

Loch Ness

Another destination where you can run away from the city is Loch Ness famous for its myths. The Loch Ness monster isn’t the only thing that attracts tourists here but also the ruins of Urquhart Castle made in 14th century. It’s a huge clearing where you can see Inverness on the north which is a location with a lot of history. It has a castle, cathedral, and a museum you should visit.

All around Trip

The best way to explore the UK is by having a road trip with a few destinations in mind. Traveling by your car is probably one of the best experiences and it can be especially in England because of the locations you can visit. Ireland also has to be mentioned and the Giant’s Causeway which is under UNESCO.

Manchester and Liverpool are also some of the cities you would want to visit and explore. The only downside can be the weather but make sure you go in summer so you can get the most of it. Cardiff in Wales can be your last destination where you have some great shopping opportunities.