What Documents Are Needed When Filing for Bankruptcy?

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(Newswire.net — February 19, 2022) — Bankruptcy gives ordinary citizens and companies every opportunity to solve their financial problems. Using the bankruptcy procedure, individuals can write off all their debts through the court and, after some time, start a credit history from a new sheet. A good Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can help you throughout the whole procedure of filing your claim. But how to carry out this procedure? You can start an individual bankruptcy procedure on your own by submitting an application and a list of documents to the court.

What documents are required for the court?

Best of all, lawyers and legal experts understand the preparation of the documents necessary for the court. Before you go to court, it does not hurt to get detailed legal advice specifically for your bankruptcy case.

The specialist will give valuable advice on the case and help determine the list of the required package of documents and tell you how to collect them.

The court will need you to submit:

  • statement;
  • documents attached to it (the list is set out in the Bankruptcy Law);
  • receipts for payment of state duty and remuneration.

What information is included in a bankruptcy petition?

How to fill it correctly will be analyzed further.

  1. At the very top of the application, indicate the address of the court in which the process will be carried out (it is necessary to choose a court at your place of residence).
  2. The following is information about yourself:
  • Date of Birth;
  • passport ID;
  • place of residence and registration;
  • Contact details.
  1. In the application itself, indicate the total amount of the accumulated debt. Must be specified separately:

  • debt to creditors (with all penalties, penalties, and other charges);
  • maintenance debts;
  • debts associated with causing damage to health to third parties;
  • debts related to the commission of crimes (compensation for harm).
  1. Describe the reasons that led you to bankruptcy. This may be the loss of a breadwinner, loss of a job, deterioration in health, natural disasters that lead to the loss of a home or material property, and more.

  2. If banks have filed claims against you or filed claims for the recovery of property, this will also need to be mentioned in the application (and the documents themselves or their copies should be attached to the application).

  3. Next, you will need to indicate information about the property you own as the debtor- real estate, bank accounts, deposits, and other valuables.

  4. Sate the financial manager of your case. 

How to file for bankruptcy?

Consider the procedure in which a set of documents is submitted to the court at the place of registration of the debtor.

  1. Prepare the application and documents.
  2. Turn to the court office, provide a passport and submit documents. You can do this by mail or in person.
  3. If it is not possible to immediately pay for the services of a manager, you can draw up and write a request for a deferment.
  4. Submit documents and wait for the appointment of a court session.

It’s that simple. Look for the right attorney for a successful case.

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