4 Reasons Why You Use Prepaid Phones for International Travel

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(Newswire.net — February 22, 2022) –When you are planning an international trip, you will need to consider how you communicate with your family and friends while you are away. Using your phone abroad is expensive, and a better option is getting a prepaid phone.

1- Different Prepaid Plans are Available

To use a prepaid phone, you must choose a prepaid plan that best suits your needs. There are different plans available that are hosted by different carriers. You have the option of choosing a carrier that does not have hidden fees or does not require you to sign up for long-term contracts.

You also have the choice of a carrier that enables you to cancel the service anytime so that if you do not need to travel, you do not need to pay for the plan. You can also maintain your prepaid phone number and keep it even after you cancel the plan. It is convenient if you are a frequent traveler.

2- Less Expensive Than Using Your Regular Phone

It is cheaper to use a prepaid phone than using your phone on roaming rates. The rates can quickly add up, especially if you constantly need to call or text while on a trip. The roaming rates also vary with different destinations, and if you are going to various locations, it can be very costly to keep in touch with your family and friends. A prepaid phone plan will enable you to call, text, and have data for a particular amount.

It is cost-effective as you only pay one fee for a certain number of minutes, texts, and data amounts. Using a prepaid plan is straightforward. When you run out, you can get a plan with a higher number of calls you need. It also helps you manage your call time, texts, and data abroad.

If you need more talk time, choose a plan with plenty of call minutes and fewer data. More data is beneficial to use with multiple messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook messengers, and others that need internet connectivity. Using this will enable you to communicate via video and chats, in addition to calls.

3- Keeps Your Phone Safe

Using a prepaid phone keeps your phone safe at home or even in your accommodation. It reduces the risk of losing your phone, damaging it, or having it stolen. You can also use a local SIM card with your prepaid phone.

If the phone supports using a SIM card, you can use a local number and local call rates for the duration of time you have traveled. However, to use an international SIM card, you will need to unlock your phone. The cell phone provider does this service at a fee.

4- Easy To Set Up and Use

Using a prepaid phone is easy. You only need to sign up and pay for the prepaid plan that you choose and purchase the phone by paying a one-time fee or a subscription fee. You do not require a credit check.