Top Reasons Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

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( — February 24, 2022) — The actual aftermath of a car accident in Los Angeles is often more overwhelming than the accident itself. If you have sustained significant injuries, seeking medical care should be your top priority. You also have the responsibility of informing the police and filing a report with the California DMV. Although not mandatory by law, hiring a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles can be a beneficial step. If you are looking for reasons, we have enlisted a few below for your help. 

  1. Experience and understanding of the law. If you are unsure of how personal injury law works, the at-fault party’s insurance company will take advantage of the situation. Lawyers have worked on thousands of claims and lawsuits and know what it takes to come up with a legal strategy for a given case. 
  2. Insurance companies never work for claimants. That’s something that people often ignore. Insurance companies and their claims adjusters are not in the business of paying claims. They would do what it takes to reduce their financial burden. If you don’t hire an accident lawyer, you may end up accepting the first offer, which would be much less than what your claim is worth. 
  3. You are racing against time. California has its statute of limitations, which allows a limit of just two years to file accident lawsuits. If you don’t take action within that time, your case will be dismissed by the court. When you hire a lawyer, they will work on the third-party insurance claim and prepare for a possible lawsuit. 
  4. You need help with the investigation. What happens when you share a part of the blame? The comparative fault system in California is claimant-friendly but you will still need evidence to win your accident lawsuit. Your lawyer can help you with the initial investigation and will gather evidence to prove your case. 
  5. You may need a trial. Most car accident lawsuits in the country are settled without a trial because that is an expensive alternative for everyone involved. However, if the insurance offer is too low or is unlikely to cover your losses, you may need a trial, for which a lawyer is necessary. Just make sure that you select a PI lawyer who has experience representing accident victims in court. 

Hire a lawyer soon after your accident to make the most of your available time. Don’t shy away from asking tough questions.