A U.S. Study Highlights the Immunity-Boosting Effects of Mushrooms

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(Newswire.net — March 3, 2022) Orlando, FL — Researchers have been carrying out studies to look into the remedies helpful in boosting the body’s defenses. In various research studies, it has been found that certain foods are particularly beneficial for immunity.

A study has shown that human subjects who consumed cooked shiitake mushrooms every day for a span of four weeks experienced improvements in their immune system. 

It was spearheaded by UF Food Science and Human Nutrition Professor Sue Percival and involved 52 healthy adults who belonged to the age bracket of between 21 and 41. 

In this research, the participants were provided with a four-week supply of dry shiitake mushrooms. They were asked to eat one 4-ounce serving of mushrooms every day during the experiment.

Based on the blood tests taken before and after the experiment, the investigators observed better-functioning gamma delta T-cells and decreases in inflammatory proteins.

“If you eat a shiitake mushroom every day, you could see changes in their immune system that are beneficial,” said Percival, who is an Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences faculty member.

“We’re enhancing the immune system, but we’re also reducing the inflammation that the immune system produces.”

Prior to the study, the researchers required the subjects to not consume antioxidant supplements, tea, or probiotics. They were also not Vegans or Vegetarians and did not consume over 14 glasses of alcoholic drink every week during the experiment as the beverage suppresses immunity. 

Intake of more than seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day was also not allowed. Since the investigators did not want to start with subjects who already had a strong immunity, they did not allow the intake of tea, fiber, and probiotics. 

The study findings were published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

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