Use of Disposal Underwear

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( — March 3, 2022) — Disposable underwear is very practical and designed with your convenience and comfort in mind. It can be worn and thrown away. Disposable underwear is ideal when washing underwear is impossible, inconvenient, or impractical.

What situations can be disposable underwear used in:

Healthcare facility Underwear

Disposable briefs, knickers, underwear as well as knickers can be required at the health center to prevent the opportunity of lacking tidy undergarments.

Disposable briefs are perfect for healthcare facilities as there is no requirement for them to clean underclothing and also with the increase in antibiotic immune germs such as MRSA the requirement for health has actually never ever been more crucial.

Pregnancy as well as Pregnancy Underwear

Disposable cotton briefs make optimal maternal and also maternity underclothing which is functional, comfy as well as an actual time-saver.

The flexibility of the cotton underclothing is suitable for holding a pregnancy pad in position.

Day Spa as well as Massage Underwear

When taking a health spa or massage therapy as they conserve your day-to-day under from obtaining wrecked by difficult to washout massage therapy oils, Disposable briefs are fantastic.

Menstruation Underwear

Disposable cotton briefs are menstruation excellent menstruation undergarments as they are Supersoft as well as comfy as well as will certainly hold a pad in position.

In instances of mishaps the non-reusable briefs can be simply used and also thrown out.

Traveling Underwear

Disposable briefs are perfect for traveling underclothing as they are small and also lightweight minimizing the quantity of room taken. As the briefs can be used as well as gotten rid of also much less area is occupied by dirty laundry.

Disposable briefs stay clear of the demand to invest nights cleaning undergarments and after that having it curtained around the resort room as you wait on it to completely dry. In damp locations, underclothing can take a lot longer to completely dry than you would certainly anticipate which often suggests needing to use moist underclothing or hauling around moist undergarments which winds up having as well as scenting to be cleaned once more.

Airlines routinely mess up countless travel suitcases a year so if you do not desire to be captured with no undergarments at your last location you had an idea to pack a set or 2 of non-reusable briefs in your hand baggage.

Disposable briefs are excellent for cruising journeys where there is no cleaning equipment and also avoids the need to put on the usual unclean foul-smelling underclothing

Hotel washing can be costly as well as you have no concept that is managing your intimates

Emergency situation Underwear

Disposable underclothing where each set is separately and also hygienically covered makes wonderful emergency situation undergarments when an unexpected catastrophe strikes like neglecting to take your day-to-day undergarments to the health club or you have a mishap

Though disposable underwear can be used in so many places and times. You can’t wear it every day and for a long time. Why?

When the female vulva is in a healthy state, there will be a lactobacillus, which can be decomposed into lactic acid, so that the vaginal environment remains acidic, inhibiting those suitable for the growth of pathogens in the alkaline environment. Under normal circumstances, the vagina is a self-cleaning function, if long-term wear disposable underwear every day, tends to “over-protection”, On the contrary, it will reduce the ability of vaginal self-cleaning and lead to an imbalance of bacteria. Therefore, no matter how clean and convenient disposable underwear is, there is no need to wear it every day in daily life.

Tips for choosing disposable underwear

  1. Check the standard

Remember to check 3 standards: sanitary license, sanitary standard, safety category.

  1. Choose sterilized products

A lot of vaginal inflammation is invaded by fungi or bacteria when the resistance is weak, so it is recommended to choose disposable underwear with aseptic quality during menstruation, pregnancy, gynecological inflammation, and hospitalization. In this regard, the disposable underwear product line under the Maternal and Child brand has done better, usually using medical-grade EO ethylene oxide gas for sterilization and disinfection.

3, choose cotton material

Non-woven material is chemical fiber material, which has a rough skin feeling, poor sweat absorption, and permeability. And easily cause sweat and even itching! The disposable panties made of cotton material have a very close skin feeling to ordinary cotton underwear. It is not only soft and skin-friendly but also has good sweat absorption and air permeability of cotton fiber. And cotton fiber after weaving processing, the finished fabric is quite flexible, menstrual repeatedly pull the replacement sanitary napkin is not easy to break!

4, choose a single piece of independent packaging

Each pair of disposable underwear can always keep aseptic and clean, no matter if it is carried out or stored is sanitary and convenient.