Go to Tropics This Winter

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(Newswire.net — March 3, 2022) — Winter is the best season for having enjoyment at the beaches. If you are planning a holiday trip to Thailand, you must not miss Koh Chang Island if beaches amuse you. You get white sand beaches there with marvelous natural beauty. Clear blue sky, nice sun exposure and there are lots of fun activities to do at the coasts. You will never find a problem staying there, this island has many hotels, villas, cottages, resorts, etc. The people and staff here are very humble and cooperate with you in any matter. Visitors from all over the world come to this island. It doesn’t have much pollution and noise that you get in the cities. Here is our blog post article “Best Places you can Visit in Thailand this Year”. You could find here more places in Thailand, check out!

Some popular beaches in Koh Chang

Klong Prao beach: This is the longest beach on the island; you can see the tide meeting the streams of rivers at three different places at this particular beach only. You can find many good resorts there. The best resorts are situated in the south of the beach. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset over the sea from resorts also.

Kai Bae Beach: This beach is divided into two halves. There are the best resorts situated at this beach on the whole island. The northern part of the beach contains most of them. The southern section of the beach contains some of the local’s huts, bungalows, and small resorts. This section of the beach is more peaceful. You may get to know about some Thai traditions, Thai recipes of seafood or any other things from the local people there.            

Lonely beach: This place is good for a short trip there is nothing much but the natural views and clean water of the sea. There are some cheap hotels and guest rooms available. You can walk to the south of the beach to get to a better place if you decide to stay there. You can relax and enjoy the quietness in the atmosphere at night there is no louder sound than the sea waves.

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