Will Shared Hosting Affect Your Website’s SEO Results?

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Many site owners that start learning about SEO from articles on the internet make the mistake of thinking that shared hosting negatively affects SEO results. This is incorrect. In reality, when your site does not have good ratings even if you think it should, the problem is another one. This includes things like page loading time, content relevancy, content quality, user experience, site authority, and more.

When Shared Hosting Actually Matters

Before we discuss why shared hosting does not affect SEO results, it is important to mention that there is one situation in which it does. When you buy a hosting package, you basically share the space with several other websites. As these sites grow, the server might end up overworked. Your downtime statistics grow and you end up losing customers. Your rankings can go down because user experience also goes down.

Fortunately, with the best hosting providers out there, such a thing does not really happen. When a server is too full or too many resources are consumed, the architecture of the server is changed. This means your site or others are moved. Also, many modern servers use a cloud-based infrastructure, which practically guarantees you get access to the promised resources, regardless of who else uses shared hosting from the same provider.

Why Doesn’t Shared Hosting Affect Search Engine Rankings?

The short answer is that all major search engines are aware of what server hosting options exist and how they impact performance. Millions of websites are right now using shared hosting plans. Many of them are not low-quality. They just do not need more resources.

Google will never conclude that your site is bad simply because there are several spammy sites hosted on the same server. This was just a common misconception that some SEO specialists had years ago and that remained a reality in the mind of others. The truth is that every single website is analyzed with the use of possibly hundreds of factors.

Search engines look at the IP address of your site. Then, they look at hoe many sites are hosted on the exact same IP address. But, this is something that would be used only when punishing those who spam, like building private blog networks or spam sites meant to manipulate ratings. When such sites exist on your server, it does not mean your site does the same thing.

Final Thoughts

The discussion around whether or not shared hosting affects rankings is just an example of people making assumptions and not checking to see if they are correct. Unfortunately, there are several dishonest SEO agencies out there that use this to move a site to a hosting package they get a referral commission for or simply justify why their work does not produce results.

When you choose what hosting type is best for your site, think about the things that matter the most, not SEO rankings. A good SEO professional can always make the most of what is available and the only situation in which you need to change the hosting is when the provider is bad. This means you would just change providers, not necessarily hosting type.