Mounting Evidence Suggests Probiotics May Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

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( — March 16, 2022) Orlando, FL — Health authorities have long warned against the dangerous consequences of having high cholesterol levels. It is worth noting that it is one of the risk factors for heart disease, which is one of the deadliest medical conditions today.

Over decades, researchers have been carrying out studies to look into the impacts of food and its medicinal components. There are foods containing probiotics, which are linked with a myriad of health benefits.

Beneficial bacteria like probiotics have long been known to produce a myriad of health benefits. Individuals who are trying to manage their cholesterol levels may benefit from the intake of probiotics. 

An increasing number of studies show that some types of probiotics have the ability to reduce blood cholesterol, especially in those with high cholesterol levels. There have actually been many research studies revealing their cholesterol-regulating benefits. 

One review of 15 studies has shown that on average, probiotics significantly lessened both total cholesterol and “bad” LDL cholesterol levels. 

Another study was carried out and it involved 127 individuals with high cholesterol. It has been found intake of probiotics for 9 weeks significantly reduced total cholesterol by 9 percent and bad or LDL cholesterol by 12 percent.  

Probiotic intake benefits were found to be highly noticeable among those with higher cholesterol levels. Due to their cholesterol-regulating potentials, experts suggest they could be extremely beneficial for heart health. 

It is also worth noting that probiotics are particularly known to be vital for gut health. Some studies suggest that they work wonders in regaining bacterial balance, which is essential for digestive health. There are many sources of probiotics, and these include foods like kimchi and kefir. They are also widely consumed nowadays via supplementation. 

In addition to their cholesterol-benefiting effects, they are also found to help manage blood pressure and triglyceride levels. These beneficial bacteria are also specifically known to work wonders in boosting and protecting digestive health.

Aside from consuming certain foods, there are also extra-strength supplements like Divine Bounty Digestive Enzymes that could be useful in delivering the healing goodness of probiotics. 

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