Cranberry May Help Protect the Kidneys, Experts Suggest

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( — March 16, 2022) Orlando, FL — Health authorities have long been warning that the coronavirus is highly damaging to certain bodily organs, especially the lungs. However, it is also important to note that this virus might also impact kidney function. 

According to some experts, there are individuals suffering from severe cases of Covid-19 who are showing signs of kidney damage. This stays true even to those who had no underlying kidney health issues prior to coronavirus infection. 

Early reports reveal that in China and New York, 30 percent of patients hospitalized from Covid-19 developed moderate or severe kidney injury. There are hospitals with surges of patients seriously sick with Covid-19 that reported running short of sterile fluids as well as machines needed for kidney procedures. 

Experts say that the virus has the ability to infect the kidney cells, which are equipped with receptors enabling new coronavirus to attach to them, invade, and replicate. This is highly damaging to those tissues. 

These receptors are also found on cells of the heart and lungs, where this virus is also found to have the ability to damage. 

An increasing number of research studies is being carried out to learn more about the link between the organ and the virus. However, it is always important to remember that with or without the virus it is vital to take some measures helpful in protecting the kidneys. 

Studies have highlighted that certain all-natural remedies could be useful in taking care of the kidneys.

There are many remedies recommended by scientists, and one is cranberry. Cranberries have long been studied due to their remarkable healing effects. They are particularly popular among individuals who suffer from urinary tract infections due to the D-mannose they contain.

It is worth noting D-mannose is a therapeutic sugar that fights UTIs. Consumption of cranberries is found to offer protection to the kidneys. Today, this remedy is consumed widely via supplementation like the use of Purest Vantage D-mannose. 

There is an added benefit of using this formula, and one is that it has dandelion extracts. A major review of dandelion carried out in 2013 has shown that this remedy has diuretic effects, and it increases urination frequency. 

In a 2016 study, it has been found dandelion has positive, corrective effects on the kidneys. In acting as an antioxidant, it also helps in various aspects of kidney health. 

Purest Vantage D-mannose continues to receive more and more positive reviews from consumers. In addition to its added ingredients, it is also highly potent and pure (


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