Series of Experiments Suggest Antioxidants Aid in Osteoarthritis

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( — March 18, 2022) Orlando, FL — Statistics continue to cause alarm about osteoarthritis, which in the United States affects more than 30 million individuals.

Studies have been carried out to explore the ways to combat the condition. In a series of experiments recently conducted, it has been found that certain antioxidants aid in preventing the damage produced by OA to the cartilage. 

It is further worth mentioning that according to researchers, this may also have applications for brain and bone disorders. 

This incurable condition called osteoarthritis usually affects the hips, knees, hands, feet, and spine. It is similarly worth mentioning that it can actually worsen over time. When it develops, it results in symptoms like pain and stiffness.

The research was spearheaded by Frederique Cornelis from KU Leuven in Belgium. Further, its findings were published in the Science Translational Medicine journal.

It is important to mention that a protein called ANP32 A was the focus of the study. It is involved in numerous roles within cells, which include intracellular transport and cell differentiation.

The investigators noted that ANP32A levels were significantly reduced in tissue samples from mice and humans with osteoarthritis. It has been found that adding an antioxidant called N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) to drinking water reduced OA symptoms and cartilage damage.

Experts have long recommended resorting to helpful measures that could aid in reducing the risk of cartilage damage. 

Some studies suggest that there are preventive remedies that could aid in fighting osteoarthritis. One is the use of an antioxidant called resveratrol, which scientists have found to produce wide-ranging health benefits. 

It is worth mentioning that a minimum of 25 new studies about the healing goodness of resveratrol were published. This is due to its potential benefits against many diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

When it comes to joint pain, resveratrol has been found to exert various mechanisms to aid in fighting OA. 

A study was published in the Molecular Medicine Reports journal.

In this study, it has been found that resveratrol was able to reverse inflammatory damage as well as offer protection to the joints of rats against osteoarthritis damage. 

It is worth mentioning that inflammation has long been associated with arthritis. By fighting inflammation, resveratrol may potentially heal damaged joints. 

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