Antibiotics Found to Potentially Wreak Havoc on Heart Health

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( — March 30, 2022) Orlando, FL — Heart health issues have long been considered to be one of the most prevalent and deadliest diseases. It is important to note that there are various factors found to contribute to the onset of cardiovascular diseases.

Over decades, researchers have been investigating the impacts of dietary and lifestyle practices on the protection and well-being of the heart. It has been found that choosing the right foods and engaging in exercise regularly are vital steps.

It is also important to note that avoiding some threats to heart health is vital. There are certain medications found to potentially wreak havoc on cardiovascular well-being.

Pharmaceutical drugs like antibiotics have long been known to be useful in battling bacterial infections. However, it is also worth noting that their use is linked with side effects, particularly heart health issues. 

In rare cases, some types of antibiotics have been found to trigger heart problems like low blood pressure or irregular heartbeat. 

A study was recently carried out and it revealed women who took antibiotics longer were at a heightened risk of heart attacks and strokes. 

This research involved more than 36,000 women in the Nurse’s Health Study. They were assessed in terms of their use of antibiotics at different times in their lives. 

In this study, the investigators found that women over the age of 60 years who took antibiotics for a minimum of 2 months during a 5-year period had a 31 percent risk or the greatest odds of having a stroke or a heart attack. 

Further, middle-aged women who consumed antibiotics over a long course had a 28 percent increased risk. The researchers also revealed that women in their 20s and 30s who took antibiotics for 2 months did have a higher risk. 

It is thought that due to the negative effects of antibiotics in the gut, it raises the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

There are many other side effects linked with the use of this medication. In these troubling times of global health crisis, experts warn against poor immunity.

It is worth being warned that antibiotics have been found to wreak havoc on heart health.  This is due to its negative impacts on the gut, which is highly influential to the body’s defenses. 

Individuals who want to avoid the health hazards of using antibiotics may take into account taking some preventive measures against infections like UTIs. 

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