Interesting Study Suggests Lifestyle Changes Reduce Blood Pressure Drug Use

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( — April 1, 2022) Las Vegas, NV — Scientists have long been recommending to practice healthy lifestyle to fight diseases. It is worth noting that in a study, it has also been found to decrease the need to use blood pressure medications. 

This study was presented at the American Heart Association’s Joint Hypertension 2018 Scientific Sessions, an annual conference focused on recent advances in hypertension research.

The investigators of this study reveal that men and women with hypertension experienced a reduction in the need to use antihypertensive medications. This was within 16 weeks of making some lifestyle changes.

According to Alan Hinderliter, M.D., study author, lifestyle modifications, including healthier eating and regular exercise, can greatly decrease the number of patients who need blood pressure-lowering medicine. 

Hinderliter is associate professor of medicine at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

“That’s particularly the case in folks who have blood pressures in the range of 130 to 160 mmHg systolic and between 80 and 99 mmHg diastolic,” he adds.

Lifestyle changes include making dietary changes, particularly following the DASH eating pattern. It is further worth realizing that this type of diet emphasizes intake of vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy. 

It also involves minimizing consumption of salt, sweets, and red meat.

While hypertension drugs are beneficial, it is worth mentioning that the importance of taking some natural measures to fight the condition is useful. In addition to making healthy dietary changes, it is also recommended to resort to some remedies scientifically found to produce blood pressure lowering effects.

Supplements like curcumin have also been reputed to significantly aid in fighting hypertension. This powerful healing phytochemical has been scientifically found to regulate the activity of angiotensin receptors.

This means that it aids in preventing the constriction of blood vessels. What makes it all the more beneficial is that it could also ameliorate damage as well as structural changes that happen in the blood vessel because of high blood pressure.

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents of curcumin have also been found to play a significant role in fighting diabetes. 

This phytochemical doesn’t only have the potential to decrease blood pressure but also enhance the functioning of the blood vessels. This is due to its ability to decrease the level of angiotensin converting enzyme.

There are several other mechanisms curcumin has been found to use to aid in fighting hypertension. Today, formulas like Incredipure Curcumin is widely resorted to due to its ability to deliver the phytochemical’s healing goodness (

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