Experts Recommend a 45-Minute Weekly Activity Among Older Adults With Arthritis

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( — April 6, 2022) Orlando, FL — Health authorities have long been recommending regular exercise for individuals with arthritis. While it can be difficult to be physically active, it is important to see its relevance in disease management.

A Northwestern Medicine study has shown that older adults who suffer from arthritis need to be physically active to be functionally independent. More particularly, they may reap benefits from performing even a third of the recommended activity.  

It is worth noting that Federal guidelines recommend getting 150 minutes of moderate activity every week. This is significantly helpful in preventing premature death as well as serious illness. 

Unfortunately, it has also been found that only one in 10 older adults with arthritis in their knees in the U.S. were able to satisfy these guidelines. 

The researchers aimed at determining the effects of getting the participants to engage in a less overwhelming activity goal, which is 45 minutes every week.

Roughly one-third of the participants achieved high function after two years. However, those who were able to meet the minimum of 45 minutes of moderate activity, such as brisk walking, every week were more likely to have a high future function by 80 percent over two years than those who did less.

“Even a little activity is better than none,” said first author Dorothy Dunlop.

Dunlop is a professor of rheumatology and preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. 

“For those older people suffering from arthritis who are minimally active, a 45-minute minimum might feel more realistic.”

The findings of this interesting research were published in the journal Arthritis Care & Research.

An increasing number of studies are investigating the effects of some remedies, aside from exercise, in managing arthritis better. It is worth keeping in mind that making dietary improvements is vital for disease management.

In some studies, it has been found that certain remedies like glucosamine are found to help those with arthritis. This is due to the fact that these nutrients help reduce pain and inflammation levels.

This amino sugar is particularly known to be beneficial in repairing cartilage damage and enhancing overall joint health. There are many arthritis sufferers who turn to its use as a safer alternative to pain relievers.

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