Uses for Remote and Teletechnology You May Not Know About

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( — April 4, 2022) — As more technology emerges in the market, it’s hard to keep up with what’s happening. While you may have caught a passing glance at amateur drone pilots and some automated cars, the truth is that the innovation in these spaces continues to grow. Your ability to control your TV with your iPhone or view your kids from a remote location is barely scratching the surface of the ways that remote and tile technology can be used in helpful ways. The emergence and rollout of 5G technology will continue to enable more innovation in the remote technology space. Here are some uses for these technological advances that you may not know about.

Drone Piloting

Drones are incredible. They used to be tiny little remote-controlled vehicles that were reminiscent of a basic remote-controlled car. Their only use was to be for fun and entertainment, and nothing more. Drone piloting has come a long way. You can now get pizza delivered via drone in some regions and even use the technology for photography. Wedding videographers are now combining cinematic cameras and techniques with drone technology to produce breathtaking wedding videos. These are not your old VHS-style videos. While some functions of drones are automated via GPS technology, others are operated by live people. This remote control gives you the best of both worlds.

Remote Controlled Cars

Cars are another area for remote technology to continue to grow. Not only are smart cars trending upward, but there are also self-driving cars. Hybrid technology combines self-driving features with remote operators that are already being used for safety in some situations. OnStar technology has been leading the way in this area. Supercomputers can sense the environment around them and make quick decisions whether it’s to avoid an object or help a car come to a complete stop. Additionally, features like parking assist are examples of this technology in action.

Teleoperated Robots

There are many different situations that are too dangerous for people but need precision. Large machines can’t offer what teleoperated robots can do. You get the best of both worlds. You get human intelligence, intuition, and judgment, combined with the strength and precision of robotic movements. They are perfect for harsh industrial projects, can lift heavy objects overhead safely, and more. These robots aren’t autonomous. Instead, all their movements are directed by live human operators with the skills and know-how to ensure projects are completed accurately.

Bomb Sweepers

Going into an area that’s filled with landmines is very dangerous. Using remotely operated tools to find and disable bombs enables military personnel to more safely get through regions that have old or new landmines. These remote bomb sweepers are designed to be remotely operated by bomb specialists. This utilizes the knowledge and skills of the operator alongside the ease and safety of a bomb sweeper. These have been in use for a long time and have protected countless troops from injuries related to bombs.


Healthcare continues to change. Where once you’d have to wait in a doctor’s office for hours to get seen, now you can hop on your computer and use special thermometers, blood pressure cuffs, and blood oxygen sensors, and get the care you need in mere minutes. When you’re feeling sick, this helps you to rest more, avoid other pathogens, and keep your germs to yourself. Telemedicine is one of the best uses of technology for the average person. While teleconferences are common and useful in business, anyone who is sick can benefit from medical services delivered through telehealth portals.

Home Security Systems

Home security used to be an alarm and a call to the cops via a phone line. You would have no idea what was happening and what tripped the system. Remote access home security systems mean that you can log in to your home in real-time to see what’s going on. Maybe one of your kids came home early and forgot the code.

Perhaps something else tripped the alarm, or maybe your home is being ransacked by burglars. Because you can see them, some of these systems also allow you to talk to people in your home through your security system. This may cause some of them to stop what they are doing and run. This can also be used to help identify people and can help law enforcement. These remote systems are changing the way that people protect their homes and belongings.