Study Shows a Better Way to Ward Off Asthma Triggers

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( — April 18, 2022) Orlando, FL — Asthma is one of the common diseases that continue to claim lives. In the United States alone, ten people die from the condition every day. 

It is worth noting that there are medications as well as quick-acting inhalers that are effective in lessening inflammation during an asthma attack. Scientists continue to carry out studies looking into the effects of some remedies in fighting its triggers.  

A study was carried out and published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

In this research, which was carried out by the investigators at La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJT), it has been found that blocking two immune molecules at the same time is vital in preventing asthma attacks in a mouse model.

According to Michael Croft, Ph.D., professor at LJI and senior author of the new study, they have found a way to block the acute asthmatic inflammatory response — and they saw a strong, long-lasting reduction in asthma exacerbations. 

It is worth noting that when an individual with allergies comes across an asthma trigger, there is often an increase in the numbers of harmful T cells in the lungs. Further, it also leads to the release of molecules that trigger inflammation. 

The study focused on blocking OX40L and CD30L, which are signaling proteins similar to tumor necrosis factor (TNF). It is worth noting that TNF is a protein that is the target of several FDA-approved drugs. 

Further, allergens upregulate these molecules, which can activate harmful T cells considered to be drivers of inflammation in cases of asthma. This new study used a mouse model sensitive to a very common allergy and asthma trigger called house dust mites. 

The investigators revealed that blocking OX40L and CD30L at the same time could halt the expansion and buildup of harmful T cells in the lungs during an allergen attack. It is worth noting that this then led to decreased inflammation.

“The combination of taking out the two sets of signals allowed for a strong reduction in the number of those pathogenic T cells, whereas only neutralizing either one had a relatively mild effect,” says Croft. 

“That was quite a significant finding,” he adds.

Scientists have long been researching the remedies that could be helpful for individuals who suffer from asthma. It is worth noting that there are plant-based remedies found useful, and these include the use of curcumin.

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