Scientists Say Cutting Salt Does Not Lessen Processed Food Safety

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( — April 27, 2022) Orlando, FL — Processed food has long been known to be loaded with a myriad of substances and ingredients, such as salt. Salt is used for preservation, but it is linked with certain health issues.

A study has shown that low salt foods are similarly safe or safer than high salt level products. This defies expectations that lessening salt levels in food increases the risk of spoilage by bacteria.

High salt diets have long been associated with conditions like heart disease. This is why health protection agencies are increasingly putting pressure on food manufacturers to lessen salt levels in their products. Due to the fact that salt is a preservative, it is thought that lessening it could increase the odds of food spoiling. 

Researchers from the University of Limerick in Ireland looked into the safety levels of low salt foods by studying the behavior of different strains of food spoilage bacteria. It is worth noting these strains were inoculated into model systems.

“In general we discovered that the growth of different sorts of typical food spoilage bacteria was unaffected by the various salt levels we tested, which means that low salt foods are just as safe as conventionally processed ones,” says Edel Durack.

It is worth noting that all of the bacteria studied had the capability of growing in the highest concentration of salt used by the scientists at 3 percent. 

The researchers stressed that even at such a salt level, none of the bacteria experienced any trouble in surviving for 24 hours. However, they also found differences between the salt tolerances of all the tested bacteria, with certain strains actually exhibiting increased resistance to the high salt environment.

“At the moment our results are helping processors reduce salt levels in frozen ready-to-eat meals. Generally, these meals carry a large percentage of the recommended daily allowance of salt. This type of food is becoming increasingly popular and is in high demand due to its convenience and time restrictions placed on consumers due to modern-day lifestyles”, says Edel Durack.

Processed food contains various substances that are found by studies to be detrimental to the various aspects of health. Unfortunately today, there are many people who eat it on a daily basis. Toxins and substances may accumulate inside the body and wreak havoc on health.

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