Top 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a University Program

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( — April 21, 2022) — Canada is known for offering a higher standard of living and outstanding academic standards. Therefore, it is a dream of many young students to pursue their education at Canada’s top universities. Since all the Canadian universities use the OUAC data to decide whether the student is eligible for admission or not, students must use an OUAC application to apply to Canadian universities. 

However, before you apply to an institution or university, it is vital to decide what program you are interested in. The reason behind it is that not all universities offer all types of educational courses, even if they all look so similar. Moreover, even if your university doesn’t limit how many programs you can apply to, your budget might, as each application can cost over $100 per program.

So, how to pick a university program? Well, asking yourself the following questions about each school will help you make an informed decision.

What degree will I get?

The degree you will get will decide the field of your career and impact your career opportunities. It is also complex since similar programs at different universities might give you different degrees. For instance, you can either get a Masters of Arts in English or a Masters of Arts in Economics from the same department, depending on your university. You may also choose to have a degree in bachelor of science within the same department at the same university. So, before you go ahead, it is good to know what degree you will get.

Are my career goals connected to what I’ll be learning?

People have to switch their jobs several times throughout their careers. So, tying your learning to a specific job is not as important as what type of role you want and what you like to enjoy studying. You can predict what the future holds for you, especially regarding your jobs. However, it is crucial to decide what you really want from your OUAC programs and connect your learning pathway.

What is the balance of mandatory and elective courses?

While the balance of mandatory courses and elective courses varies with the program and university you choose, some offer more flexibility than others. No matter what you want – strong structure or complete freedom – make sure you choose your schools and programs accordingly.

What type of faculty is accessible to students?

Faculty is the real asset of an organization. Since not all professors guide students after office hours or entertain undergraduates, you should pay attention to the availability of professors. The reason behind it is that you may not learn much from them if they aren’t open to engaging with undergraduates. In addition, you need to check whether the institute has faculty that work and research in the same field as yours or not. Also, check what they teach and if a professor gives some time to students to ask their queries or not. All this will impact your learning. So, make sure you choose a university with good faculty.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know what questions you should ask yourself about the school you are choosing, what are you waiting for? Get a list of the top universities you want to apply to and choose the one depending on the program you are interested in. 

However, if you doubt you won’t qualify the criteria of grades for your dream university, you can join a night school before applying to the university. Such schools can not only help you improve your grades but also offer you complete OUAC guidance. For more information, explore the internet.