How Often Should I Cleanse as a User of Acne Foaming Wash?

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( — April 26, 2022) — There is a misconception in circulation that acne is somehow the result of people not washing their faces often enough, but nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that there is a range of variables at work, with hormones, bacteria, and, of course, dirt and dead skin cells that necessitate the regular use of acne foaming wash. 

The question is, how often is too often? At what point does cleansing your face stop being helpful and start causing problems of its own?

The Magic Number Is Two!

Refer to any reputable source and you’ll most often find that the advice is washing your face twice a day. This is basically the minimum frequency to ensure that along with your acne foaming wash, excess oil, dirt, and makeup is removed to halt further breakouts. 

You see, face skin is particularly delicate, so it’s easily irritated. That’s why you need to be careful that you don’t use anything too harsh or, as we’ve explained, too frequently. Antibacterial soaps can be a good option, but never use anything that might strip the dermis or you could end up suffering. 

The Reason Behind the Rhyme

No one is saying that you shouldn’t cleanse morning and night, every day, as this is pretty standard stuff for anyone’s skincare routine. Cleaning away oil, dirt, dead skin and bacteria are essential, however, that should be the extent of it. 

Even if you’re not using an acne foaming wash – which is known to be a little harsher than regular cleansers because of what they’re designed to do – you don’t want to be over-washing your face, as it can be akin to not washing your face at all. Hard scrubbing is also something that you should be avoiding.

The Acid Mantle Is Also Important 

The reason for this is that the oils that your skin requires for health can easily be stripped away, with your unprotected skin being much more prone to irritation, flakiness, redness, and dryness. 

Something known as the ‘acid mantle’ – which is a protective layer consisting of good bacteria, oil, and sweat – can be broken down by overwashing or scrubbing. This is further bad news for your skin, as it needs this layer to be healthy. 

What If I Need to Cleanse More Often?

As we mentioned before, everyone’s skin is different, so everyone’s requirements will vary depending on your unique epidermal conditions. If, for example, you work somewhere that makes you sweat or your skin dirty, you might need to cleanse for the third time. 

Of course, any built-up grime and sweat need to be washed away to avoid blocking your pores, but you should aim to do it as gently as you can to avoid causing aggravation. 

As a Foaming Wash User – Twice Is Usually Enough 

So, the basic rule here is that you shouldn’t wash your face more than twice a day unless you really have to. If you do it more often, you risk irritation due to the removal of your skin’s very necessary protective layers – which will only cause you more discomfort. 

Essentially, cleansing cannot be skipped if you want breakout-free skin, but you should be gentle, use gentle products, and under no circumstances should you scrub it. 

Follow these tips and the chances of you inadvertently causing more skin problems for yourself to drop significantly. Reason enough to consider adjusting your skincare routine.