The Top VPNs for iPhone in 2022

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( — May 6, 2022) — The Apple iPhone is among the greatest revolutions the mobile technology industry has ever witnessed. It is the singular event that started the global smartphone craze. Today, the iPhone continues to record incredible leaps and bounds in smartphone technology since its inception with the first iPhone in 2007. Furthermore, the iPhone is the most coveted of all smartphones, not least because of the proprietary tech and sleek design involved, but also because of the way it is marketed as an “elite” product, resulting in people queuing for days on end in front of the Apple store to grab the latest model.

That is not to say that, for instance, Android phones like offerings from Samsung are not up-to-part, because they are, and in some cases they technically surpass the iPhone for a lower price. Where the iPhone wins is with its software and the streamlined Apple ecosystem. The iPhone is not only known for the smoothness and incredibly intuitive user experience and user interface of its iOS software, but for how it processes data. The iPhone is still unbeatable when it comes to the security and privacy of stored and transmitted user data, which is an Apple policy at large and applies to all of Apple’s devices across the board. This is an area where Android phones are still severely lacking. 

However, there is something that privacy and security-conscious iPhone users must have in their arsenal, which is a VPN or Virtual Private Network. For this reason, iPhone aficionados must learn about the best VPNs for iPhone in 2022. As fine-tuned as the privacy and security measures on all Apple devices and the Apple software environment are (not to mention the App Store), true privacy and security are achievable only when the internet connection to a device is secured on all possible layers.

This is simply because most threats and vulnerabilities arise from internet use. This means that security must be ensured from the home or public WiFi router, all the way to the encryption software on a device, across all layers. A premium, high-tier VPN service will cover a large part of this issue and make all of your Apple devices safer than ever before, and adding a few tweaks to your browser as well as your browsing habits won’t hurt, either. 

First and foremost, though, is your VPN. Below, you will find out more about what exactly a VPN does, and finally a carefully curated list of 2022’s best VPNs for your iPhone that you can peruse at your convenience. 

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It is a modern take on a decades-old digital encryption (cryptography) technology stemming from the PPTP protocol of the 1990s. To clarify this further, a VPN is readily available network security software for multiple types of devices out there on the market. Whether the device is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, there is a VPN out there for it. A VPN service works at the data layer of the network connection, where it shrouds a user’s internet connection in a private tunnel, away from prying eyes and the malicious tactics of cybercriminals. By default, devices are connected to the internet in an unprotected fashion and most users are unaware of this. 

A VPN also replaces the IP address identifier of a connection, meaning that, if a user wishes, they can effectively modify the physical location of their devices broadcast to the internet. With AES 256-bit cryptographic methods, today’s premium VPNs are practically impenetrable and impossible to reverse engineer. The caveat, however, is only using these premium VPNs for your iPhone while avoiding the free ones (of which there are many). Another criterion is to set your VPN up correctly and use it responsibly, along with a commensurate privacy browser.

The Best VPNs for iPhone in 2022

The iPhone is an inherently secure device that takes facets like user consent seriously. As a result, privacy is one of Apple’s main brand values. As far as VPNs go, it is interesting to note that newer iPhone models, specifically, do include a proprietary Apple anonymity feature called the “Private Relay.” However, third-party premium tier VPNs offer more options, dedicated servers, and overall a more professional approach to network security. The built-in iPhone tool will be enough for those that aren’t specifically looking for 100% anonymity, though. Users should note that the Private Relay does not encrypt data end-to-end, overcome geographical blockage and censorship, or have obfuscation.

For those of you looking for no-compromise privacy and security, it is time to take a look at the top proper VPNs for the iPhone. As far as professional, specialized VPN services go, the 2022 top iPhone VPN list (accessible in the link above) was expertly curated with iPhone users in mind. Results have shown that the top three iPhone VPNs on the market now, and available on the App Store are ExpressVPN, Cyberghost, and Surfshark. These have been chosen for the iPhone because of the following features;

  • Speed and compatibility
  • Privacy and safety
  • User-friendliness
  • Do not hog resources
  • Availability of servers
  • Extra features for iPhone users

Choosing any of the above VPNs will result in improved security and privacy across the board for iPhone users. The features listed above are particularly important for iPhone users because smartphone users want on-the-go network security software that does not log data, that is a smooth experience, and one that does not hog battery levels while offering all of the above. Setting up these VPNs is important too. Users should remember to activate the “killswitch” in any VPN they choose. Another point is that iPhone users can also try other features offered by premium VPN manufacturers, such as “specialized” servers tuned for torrenting, messaging, and more.

Finally, pairing a privacy-conscious browser that helps stop you from being fingerprinted online is a great addition to your VPN. Apple’s Safari browser already does this to an extent, however you may want to opt for an alternative like the Brave browser where you can do things like disable WebGL and WebRTC and opt for strict anti-fingerprinting on your browser.