Things To Know About Rideshare Accidents

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( — May 7, 2022) —


The travel industry was completely revolutionized by rideshare apps. They make it so simple to get around practically all the major cities these days. Car travel is relatively safe so everything is perfect for tourists from all walks of life. But, this does not mean that problems cannot appear.

Ridesharing accidents happen. This is when you absolutely need to look for the services of a Washington DC Lyft accident law firm to file an injury claim. It can quickly become complicated. To highlight why this is the case, here are some facts to remember about rideshare accidents.

Rideshare Accidents Costs

Around 75% of drivers end up involved in an accident at least once in their lives. With this in mind, it is obvious that rideshare accidents can happen. And when they do, you might end up having to deal with serious injuries. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to deal with the aftermath since you were riding in someone else’s car.

The only good news comes from the part that you will not have to worry about vehicle damages. This is something only the vehicle owner has to deal with. But, when it comes to your injuries, there is a very good possibility you are the one who needs to deal with them. And they can be quite a lot.

Uber Accident Liability

Several things can lead to rideshare accidents. This includes distracted driving, several possible external circumstances, and even the weather. The most common one is distracted driving.

The big problem with liability is that it is very difficult to determine. You might think it is quite simple but determining fault depends on so many things, including witness statements and police reports. And when insurance companies get involved, everything is even more complicated.

To increase the possibility of success and build a stronger case, it is important to do some things. Your attorney will inform you of some of the best things to do but at the very least, make sure to:

  • Look for witnesses and get their contact information.
  • Take photographs. Try to capture injuries, vehicles, and the overall scene.

And if you have to talk to insurance companies, always do so only with your attorney present.

Things To Do When Involved In An Uber Accident

As a rideshare passenger, compensation is available for the injuries you sustained. This process is particularly simple when liability is easy to determine. But, sometimes it can be very difficult to assert what you should do.

Fortunately, all the major ridesharing service providers out there have insurance to deal with accidents and injuries. Usually, the arrangement is very simple:

  • Personal insurance covers what happened when the driver is not driving on the app.
  • Third-party liability is available for the drivers who are marked as waiting for requests or available.
  • If the driver is during a trip or en route, personal insurance will not apply because Uber offers the necessary coverage.

The coverage available for accidents happening while Uber drivers are working is much higher and will give you a much higher compensation.