The 3 Best Tips to Help Prevent a Workplace Injury

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( — May 9, 2022) — Although the safety of the workplace is the responsibility of your employer, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take any precautions. Safety is really everybody’s responsibility so it’s up to you to stay as safe as possible. It is better not to get injured at all rather than have to risk a painful and potentially life-altering injury.

Of course, you would be compensated after consulting with a Queens slip and fall lawyer, but staying healthy is the best option. It’s quite easy to get injured at work even if your employer is meeting all the safety protocols and regulations. In this article, we will go over several ways that you can make sure to stay safe at work. 

1 – Keep things clean

Many accidents at work happen because your workspace is cluttered or not very tidy. It doesn’t matter what type of job it is, it is very important to keep your space organized and orderly. If you work in an office but keep boxes around your desk then you risk tripping over one and falling.

You could work in a factory and if you are not making sure that there are no spills around your equipment then you risk slipping. There are many different examples but they all point to not working in a messy environment. Keep things clean and you will greatly reduce the risk of an accident.

2 – Wear your PPE

Your personal protection equipment (PPE) is meant to protect you which means that if you aren’t wearing it you aren’t protected. There is a specific reason for your PPE and it pays off to wear it. In fact, if you aren’t wearing it and are injured this could impact any possible claim that you have for worker’s compensation. 

This also means that you should be wearing it properly for it to work the way it’s intended. In fact, you may be increasing the risk of an injury just by wearing your PPE improperly. For instance, if your overcoat is not zipped up or is worn very loose then it can actually become trapped in some machinery and pull in a body part causing a serious injury. This wouldn’t happen if you wore it properly. 

3 – Lift properly

It’s become something of a cliche that you need to lift with your legs but it is still excellent advice. There is a proper way to lift heavy items and if you aren’t following those techniques then you are risking a serious back injury.

Back injuries are very difficult to heal and can haunt a person for years even while doing treatments. It’s really a good idea to make sure that you do lift with your legs and use your core strength instead of bending over and straining your back. 

If you work in an office or a warehouse, the idea is still the same. You can get injured in any type of work setting by lifting with poor technique. You should also consider wearing a brace around your back when lifting to give yourself extra protection.