How to Become a Croupier in a Casino?

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( — May 17, 2022) — The profession of the croupier is rather accessible and allows you to make your passion your job. Becoming a croupier does not require long studies and does not fear unemployment. Casinos around the world are struggling to find qualified dealers. We all have the image of the dealer with phenomenal dexterity in handling chips and cards. The other advantage is that a croupier can work all over the world since gambling is universal. What does the job of a croupier consist of, how do you become one and what are the advantages? Focusing on this is not always a playful profession… 

What Is the Job of a Croupier?

The croupier is responsible for the gaming table on which he officiates. He must ensure that the progress of the game is done in complete transparency and above all incomplete fluidity. He must know how to be present and give life to the table while remaining discreet. He takes the bets and distributes the winnings. Also, he must master the process of the games, know the rules perfectly, be able to explain them simply to a beginner, and know the processes of the casino owner for whom he works.

The Qualities of the Croupier

The dealer is essential to the flow of casino games. If there is no croupier, you are in front of a slot machine. From an incompetent presentation, he represents the casino at the table. It must be discreet while maintaining the enthusiastic pace of play. Best casino games you can find on

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There are natural qualities to becoming a croupier:

The sense of observation and concentration

A croupier cannot afford to be stunned. He must always know where the game is, which player is still in play, and who has bet. The observation of the croupier is also the first security of the game because he must be attentive so that no one cheats. A game can last several hours and you will often see the dealer change around 45 minutes. Most casinos ask their croupiers to rest for a quarter of an hour to always stay on top of their concentration. This natural quality refines and becomes more constant throughout the dealer’s career.


A croupier must be able to hold his table with players who can be frustrated, and sometimes impolite. If the limits of propriety are crossed, he can count on the security service which will kindly exclude the dishonest person. The dealer must ensure that all the emotions of the players do not become too pervasive in the game.

Knowing how to count quickly and well

This is an essential quality. A croupier cannot afford to deceive by redistributing the winnings. It’s rather frowned upon and it will necessarily cast suspicion on its neutrality in the game. You are not asked to be a mathematical wizard, but you must have a certain skill and familiarity with the handling of numbers. During the training, techniques are taught to count quickly and well.

Ability & Dexterity

These two qualities above all require training. A dealer could take the chips one by one that would not change the game except its duration. The croupier is part of the universe of casinos and in this universe, he must put on a show without falling into a magic show.

How to Become a Casino Croupier?

There are several prerequisites. You must be of legal age, therefore be 18 years old. The criminal record must be clean. Training is required. With this training being paid, it is possible to circumvent the problem by depositing your CV with the casinos. You will see if your profile is suitable and if you are selected, the casino will pay for training in a croupier school of its choice.

What Is the Difference Between Live Casino Dealers & Real Casino Dealers?

In terms of job requirements and basic skills, there is no difference. Whether you choose to work as a virtual dealer at an online casino or if you want to work in a traditional casino, you will be required to perform the same tasks. There are some differences caused by different operating environments. For example, virtual dealers deal big cards while traditional casino dealers deal regular size cards. Live casino games use big cards to make them stand out in the shooting. Croupiers deal with electronic devices such as autocue and read players’ messages through a special screen. Adherence to decency, dress code, and other protocols apply in both traditional and virtual casinos alike.

What Do Live Casino Dealers Do on Their Typical Day?

Dealers work eight hours a day, but can also work longer hours and on weekends depending on their personal desires or business requirements. Intuitively, croupiers must be able to stand for long hours. It is important that dealers do not wear watches so as not to suggest to players that it is late or that they have spent a lot of time playing. Because dealers must always be neat, they need to show up at least half an hour before work to get their hair done, dressed up and put on makeup. On the other hand, since virtual players have free access to their favorite games at any time and from anywhere, the live casino dealers work in different shifts in the morning, afternoon, and night.


Contrary to what we think, being a live casino dealer in an online casino is not easy as it requires special skill, military discipline, the accuracy of observation, and quick intuition. However, these skills are certainly easy to learn. If you want to become a full-time or part-time dealer, you will find plenty of opportunities available at either traditional or online casinos.