8 Care Tips for Keeping Your Eyeglasses in Prime Condition

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(Newswire.net — May 19, 2022) –Keeping your eyeglasses in prime condition is a simple but important step toward keeping them longer-lasting and more comfortable. The tips below focus on how to care for your eyewear and the materials used in the frames, lenses, and temples or nose pads of glasses. They provide basic information on what you should do to keep frames, lenses, and temple tips in top shape to be easier to use and last longer.

1. Use a Pouch or Case

Most manufacturers recommend using a pouch or case when traveling because it protects your frame from bumps, scratches, and light impacts. If your eyeglass lenses start to get scratched or the nose bridge becomes damaged, you will have an excuse for buying new ones.

2. Use a Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth can clean just about any surface; however, it works best on smooth surfaces like plastic lenses, eyewear frames, or metal frames. Using this method helps remove dirt between the lens and frame, preventing scratching.

3. Don’t Put Your Glasses on the Top of Your Head

It sounds easy enough, but some people forget that putting their glasses on their heads puts pressure on delicate areas where there may already be damage. This can cause broken pieces to break off inside of the frame or tear at the frame’s edge while you’re trying to read. To prevent these situations, always wear your glasses on top of your ears. This way, no matter how hard you tilt your head, the frame won’t contact your face—and protect your eyes.

4. Use a Prepared Solution to Dissolve Any Spots

If you see small marks on your glasses’ arms or nose pieces, don’t worry about getting rid of them completely. You can wipe it away with a damp, soft cloth until the mark disappears. However, if the mark isn’t visible anymore, consider purchasing an “Eyecare Solution for Lens Marks.” Although most companies claim their solutions work, you can also try using rubbing alcohol mixed with water or petroleum jelly mixed with baby oil.

5. Have Them Adjusted Once or Twice Per Year

Even though many think adjusting their eyeglass frames is only necessary when the lenses begin to cloud up or change color, frames need to be adjusted once per year regardless of whether they are worn day long or not. This is especially important if you spend hours looking down at your phone or computer screen every day. Adjusting your frames can help reduce headaches caused by focusing too hard on tiny screens.

6. Use Both Hands to Take Them Off, Instead of One

Glasses often tend to slide right off of our faces if we are taking them off without both hands being involved.

7. Get Professional Cleaning Services

If you notice the frames around your eyes seem dirty or dusty, you might want to give them a professional cleaning. An expert eye cleaner is likely to find even the smallest imperfection that could affect your vision. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

8. Rinse the Frames with Warm Water

After washing your hands, gently rinse your frames under warm running water (it should feel slightly warmer than room temperature). Once finished, let the frames dry naturally overnight before placing them back into your everyday eyewear collection.

These simple tips will help you maintain your eyewear equipment properly to stay out of harm’s reach. Now, keep an eye out for more helpful maintenance techniques as soon as they come across your path.