How to Make Your Own FIFA Card by Choosing the Right Background Colors

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( — June 6, 2022) –Football fans love having a collection of items that relate to the game, such as t-shirts, flags, customized trophies, and tailored football cards. Yes, very few football lovers know about these cards. If wondering how to make your own FIFA card? You can now have the best card designed by professionals. However, make sure you are choosing the right background colors. In this post, you will find some phenomenal tips when choosing the background for your personalized card. 

Firstly Understand the Color Theory 

Undoubtedly, you want a card that actually looks like a professional football card. Despite adding so many elements, your card is still missing the game vibes. It can be due to choosing the wrong color background. You really need to drop the idea of going with your favorite color. It’s better to pick the one that your FIFA card creator suggests, or you know very well what will suit the card best here. 

Every color denotes something. For instance, red personifies love, danger, passion, and fire. You can go through the color wheel and select the one that relates to the game or the team perfectly. Many look for golden, blue, white, and black. These are some standard colors that help you to create your own FIFA card consistent with an overall theme and look professional. 

Figure Out the Colour Placement

The next strategy that is involved in creating a custom football card is the color placement. You can play with the mixtures of colors that can make the background astonishing. For instance, blue and black, purple and blue, white and golden, and so on. 

Remember, the text of the color should be highlighted that is less used in the background. For example, the background is dark blue with a glimpse of golden; you can choose the golden text that shows up clearly. Your name, football scores, etc., will be easily visible. 

Pay Close Attention To Fonts and Graphics

Many of you might be wondering how fonts and graphics are linked to the background color of the FIFA card. There is no benefit if you cannot see the DRI, PAS, PAC, and SHO scores clearly. Fonts used should be bold, and contrast is the key to making them visible. Even the graphics used in the background must go in hand with the overall color theme of the football card. Always remember, if your text is not readable, then your card will not catch attention and make sense at all. By following this tip, you can make your own FIFA card correctly on the first attempt. 

Bottom Line 

Many football fans pay heed to the text on the card but overlook the color scheme of the card. After reading this post, you can have a better idea of the significance of the right background color when creating a football card. In a nutshell, firstly, choose the colors that generally go with the FIFA card, such as blue, black, golden, white, and a few more. Then think about the color placement to know what will go in the background and what in the text. At last, choose the fonts and graphics that make the text visible to the eyes.