6 Great Corporate Christmas Gifts To Reward Your Business Associates

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Holidays, birthdays and special occasions such as anniversaries of your standout business successes (such as reaching memorable milestones) are perfect times to show the appreciation you feel for your business partners and associates by presenting them with a well-thought-out gift item. And Christmas surely makes for one of those special occasions when you can allow yourself to go somewhat lavish with your corporate gifts with items like a wine box with engraved lid, personalized snow globe, or gourmet wine hampers or champagne baskets. (For our Australian audience, we highly recommend Hampers With Bite, Australia’s number one supplier of premium Corporate Christmas Hampers. So, do check out their huge and wonderful variety of gift hampers if you are in a mind to make a splash with your gifts to your business associates this Christmas).

Go For Something Special

Basically, when you are gifting to your business associates on such special occasions such as Christmas, it is best to stay away from regular or run-of-the-mill corporate gifts. So, we are speaking about stuff like desk organizers, picture frames, business card holders, sticky notes, wireless earbuds and so on. No doubt, those items (and many others) have their own place in the corporate gift-giving and promotional scenario. Only, in our opinion, they are not exactly suitable as Christmas gifts and especially when those gifts concern your valuable business associates. After all, the latter often play a big role in helping your business grow and making it a success. Accordingly, the gifts you give should reflect the sincere gratitude you feel towards them.

Some Great and Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

1. Luxury Embossed Wine Box

This (as well as some other gift items we’ll list below) makes for a wonderful Christmas gift if only because the recipients will be able to use it for years to come. After all, even the finest wine bottles can be used and enjoyed once and once only, but this gift will stay there to make sure that one can enjoy his favorite wine in style, time and time again. All one needs to do is stow away the bottle in its satin enclosure and reuse the tools every time there is an occasion to celebrate. And you can add the personalizing touch with the name of your business associate (or his company) embossed on the lid. In fact, we believe that personalized gifts never fail to make a special impression and accordingly, most of the gifts on this list come with that personalizing scope. And we highly recommend that you make good use of that opportunity to make your gift extra special.

2. Book

A book may not be the ideal gift for all your business associates. However, if you’re picking different gifts for different partners (keeping in mind their tastes and likings), you can consider buying books for those who like reading them. Look for books that are highly regarded in the field of professional development your recipient is interested in, such as networking, leadership, public speaking, etc. You may also look for quality books related to your business sector. They will often become a welcome addition to the bookshelf of your business associate’s office.

3. Snow Globe

Another great gift to adorn the workspace of your business partner and one that again gives you ample customizing opportunities. You can personalize the gift by having a picture of your business partner’s family fitted inside the globe. You may also choose a snow globe that contains an image or a tableau of a city that you have traveled together for business.

4. Work of Art

Carefully chosen works of art can add a whole new dimension to the workplace of your business associate. Things to take into consideration: the current workplace décor and design of your recipient(s) and the style and medium you feel they will like.

5. Whiskey Stone & Glass Gift Set

Like the wine box, a premium quality set like this can be enjoyed year after year. Many companies offer premium whiskey stone gift sets that include an embossed wooden box (to store the stones in), whiskey stones and glasses. You can personalize the set by having the recipient’s name embossed on the lid of the box. If you want to make the set somewhat more lavish, many companies also offer add-ons such as stone coasters, leather hip flask and others. In the similar vein, you can consider a luxurious decanter plus whiskey glass set with your business associate’s name or logo printed on the decanter and/or the glasses.

6. Gift Hampers

Finally, the gift idea of our choice and not for Christmas only, but for pretty much every imaginable occasion. And if we are such huge fans of gift baskets and gift hampers, it is because of the flexibility and convenience they offer to the giver. For instance, you have settled on luxury wine or whiskey hampers as gifts for your business associates this Christmas. Just like you, they have worked hard all year round and you have enjoyed one of your best years in the business. Now, with the holiday season around, it is time to sit back and relax and what better way to do that than with your favorite bottle of spirit, lavishly accompanied by all sorts of delicacies such as pralines, pretzels, chocolate cookies and/or bars, roasted almonds and the likes?

Now, with gift hampers, you can easily personalize your gift as long as you are aware of the preferences of your associates. So, let’s say, someone is a big fan of Rosé Wine, another may swear by Makers Mark Whiskey, still another will never settle for anything but Chivas Regal! Fine enough! At any top gift hampers company, you’ll easily find gift hampers with those items. Again, if you want to choose something non-alcoholic for one or more of your associates, you can easily go for Men Self-care Hampers, special Christmas Chocolate Hampers, Gourmet Hampers and the like. Choices are galore, meaning with gift hampers, you can save time and effort without compromising on the quality of the gift.