Researchers Reveal the Tricks To Avoid Emotional Eating in the Pandemic

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( — June 23, 2022) Orlando, FL — The pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the life and health of millions of people worldwide, leading to skyrocketing rates of death. Covid-19 has also been found to take a toll on the mental health of many.

With the restrictions and lockdowns, a number of people are left in emotional turmoil resulting in many negative changes like weight gain. More and more people turn to food for relief and comfort from stress, anxiety, and depression. 

In most cases, emotional eating makes people feel better and is considered to be an instant fix. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is far from addressing the root cause of the problem, and it often leaves people feeling guilty for overeating.  

Emotional eating produces a false feeling of fullness or temporary satisfaction but eventually leads to weight gain.  

Experts warn that physical and emotional hunger is often confused with one another, despite having key differences. This is why it is vital to identify if eating is triggered by certain emotions. It is worth noting that physical hunger often builds more gradually and a desire to eat doesn’t require instant satisfaction. 

Emotional hunger often results in mindless eating, especially of foods like candies, fries, pizza, sugary snacks, or chocolates. There are many ways to avoid emotional eating and one is to practice mindfulness.  

It is important to try relaxation, meditation, or breathing exercises. Having a food diary is also recommended as it helps to have a record of what one eats, and this is helpful in identifying the triggers of emotional eating. 

A food diary may be made by writing in a notebook or using a nutrition tracking app. Experts also say it may be best to pay attention to portion sizes as this mindful eating habit gives a sense of control.  

It is similarly important to have a healthy diet, and this means consuming nutrients and other therapeutic ingredients from food. Eliminate junk food and avoid grocery shopping when hungry or upset. It may even be helpful to exercise as it helps enhance blood flow to the brain and reduce stress.  

All of these are found helpful not just in reducing the risk of emotional eating, and in managing a healthy weight.  

It is important to note that being obese has been found to make one more susceptible to the severe impacts of Covid-19. Regular exercise is also vital for weight management and is even found to lessen stress and other mental health issues that may, in turn, ward off emotional eating. 

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