How To Support in League of Legends Like a True Pro?

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( — June 20, 2022) — Your goal is to be the driving force behind the ADC, ensuring that your team is able to win time and time again. You’ve found the proper location, then. Soraka, Thresh, or Alistar may all benefit from this tutorial, which provides a solid basis from which to grow the talents of a genuine master. The next article will teach you how to support yourself like a pro.

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Tanks vs. Others

Tank support should always be in the enemy’s face. Other than that, keep back. “Kill the casters first” applies in LoL as much as any other video game, and you don’t want to get focus-fired because you’re the healer or CC monkey.

Score Creep

Support, what’s your creep? Your ADC needs that money and XP to carry your team. Instead, concentrate on supporting characters’ item-based income. Always remain near your ADC while they’re farming to avoid ganks.


As the support, you must keep your team informed and encourage them to do the same. Nothing is more irritating than making a tower dive and seeing your assistant has gone shopping. Be careful.

Backup Tower

If your ADC needs to sprint back to base, you should fall back to the furthest-forward tower in your lane. Even if you’re a sturdy tank, sticking out in lane alone invites the opposition ADC and jungle to tag-team you as soon as they find out.


As a supporting character, prioritize revenue. You’ll need one to make money as you shouldn’t steal from your ADC or hunt in the jungle. If you’re a caster, choose Spellthief’s Edge; if you’re a tank, choose Relic Shield.


As support, keep wards up. You won’t have many chances to take down opposing wards, so keep yours up and updated. Focus on bushes, jungle boundaries, and anyplace someone may be hiding to surprise you and the ADC.

Concentrate on Spec Items

Your next item build should ramp mobility, lessen cooldowns, or boost sustain, depending on your support. For many supports, Ionian Boots of Lucidity is a good second option since it enhances movement speed and cooldown reduction. Tanks should concentrate on sustain; their primary role is to take damage, so their ADC doesn’t have to.

CC Like a Pro

Whether it’s an intrinsic ability, a champion spell, or an item, make sure you have CC. Crowd control may protect you and your ADC from damage, assist your ADC to achieve kills, and provide you breathing room in a gank. CC monkeys are popular because they work.

Summoning spells

Summoner Spells are normally straightforward for most; Flash (not only on a supporting character; most heroes want it in their kit for its tremendous usefulness on attack and defense) and Ignite to aid pick up the odd additional kill or assist. Healers should take up Barrier if they’re caught with their tactical pants down since they’re so squishy.

Don’t wander!

As support, you must keep the ADC in the lane, so they can accomplish their job. You can’t do it from afar. Stay with your ADC until a crisis or heal/shop run requires it. Make sure your ADC understands they’ll be running alone.

You Shopings

Even with an income item, support players sometimes lack gold. When you earn enough gold for your next improvement, you may feel rushed to buy. Check in with your ADC and let them get to a tower first. Don’t be the player that drops out unexpectedly.

Which Champion to choose?

Support isn’t one job; it’s three: tanks, healers, and CC monkeys. During early levels and ELO, experiment to see what works best. Due to the significant danger of bans on many of the top support choices in the current meta, you should master at LEAST two support champions, ideally of different specs (or a pro main for any role, actually).

  • Thresh

Thresh is a near-flawless CC monkey, hence many play him for support. He’s versatile and has impressive sustain for a non-tank/non-fighter. Dark Passage allows him to protect teammates and alter battlefield positions. Thresh has a medium-high skill ceiling, but mastering him will make your opponents feel like the ELO gods have abandoned them.

  • Alistar

Alistar is a wonderful champion to master to prove the saying “Mess with the bull, get the horns.” Minotaur is tanky as heck because of his ult, Unbreakable Will. What else would you expect from a roided-up cow? Alistar does magic damage and is an APD, not an AD character.

  • Soraka

Soraka’s healing is unmatched. To make her shine, concentrate on increasing AP, lowering cooldown, and enhancing mobility so she can get out of harm’s way or to her ADC’s side when they flag. The idea is to spam heals and recover as much life as every pop. If you do it perfectly, you can heal most burst damage.


Support is a broad position with several skills; following these suggestions can help you become an expert. This tutorial will offer you the basics, but if you want to be a pro support player, play support, and analyze your games for excellent plays and locations to improve, then play support some more.