The Hottest NFT Artists That Are Trending in 2022

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( — June 27, 2022) — You probably didn’t give it much thought, but when an image of a cartoon monkey sells online for $3.4 million, you’re going to hear about it. NFT art is catching the attention of everyone with access to the internet (that’s just about everybody) with its quirkiness and it’s continuing to evolve.

For those that can get past the eccentricity, there’s a massive investment opportunity. While many of the biggest pieces are out of reach for most, new NFT artists are cropping up all the time. Continue reading for some of the most influential designers currently on the scene.

What Is NFT Art?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are changing how we think about ownership. Historically, when we bought an item, such as a car or a luxury pair of shoes, they would be in our physical possession and would help define our identity. But those items wouldn’t be solely ours; someone else could own those exact same pair of shoes, diminishing the uniqueness of our purchase.

Enter NFTs

NFTs act as digital assets that represent a physical item. When you own an NFT of something, it’s possible for others to have replicas, but they can’t own the digital asset that authenticates that item. This is what’s changing the art world; with NFTs, your art cannot be lost (unless you lose your key), stolen, or duplicated.

Best NFT Artists

Because of their total uniqueness, NFT art is finding tremendous value; a 3D digital house sold for $512,000 (more about what a digital house is in this post). As such, artists in the NFT world are jockeying for their place in the market. Here are some of the top NFT artists to keep an eye on.


Known as the lead designer for the famous “Bored Ape Yacht Club,” Seneca is a staple in the NFT art scene. Her contributions to the aforementioned collection resulted in 10,000 pieces of art valued at $2.9 billion. To really grasp how big this collection is, the cheapest “Bored Ape” is valued at $292,000.

The massive project aside, Seneca is creating her own NFTs; one of her more recent works sold online for 7.6 ETH, or just over $9,000 USD.

Matt Hall

Another “OG” crypto artist worth following is Matt Hall, the designer behind Crypto Punks. Setting the standard for NFT art, this collection of 10,000 pieces is valued at nearly $2 billion. On a typical day, investors can expect to spend about $170,000 for one of these NFTs.

Mike “Beeple” Winklemann

As NFT trends continue to explode, new artists are staking their claim every day. One of the more successful designers is Mike Winklemann, otherwise known as Beeple. The artist’s collection of nearly 1,000 pieces has sold for over $130 million.


At only 18 years old, the up-and-coming digital artist known as FEWoCIOUS is beginning to make waves in the NFT world. He’s sold over 3,000 pieces of art for about $5,000 each, a total of nearly $18 million. Not bad for a teenager!

More on the NFT Industry

You don’t want to sleep on these NFT artists; releasing new projects all the time, you could find yourself on the ground level of a major investment. These artists only make up a small portion of how NFTs are working their way into our society.

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