Can You Sue for a Car Accident if You Weren’t Injured?

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( — June 28, 2022) — You might not have been injured in a car accident, but that does not mean you cannot seek damages and justice. If your car was damaged you might seek compensation from the at-fault party.

If you were involved in a crash, contact a personal injury attorney to let them know what happened so they can advise on the viability of pursuing a car accident lawsuit. Collaborate closely with a legal expert to identify the best path to financial compensation.

What You Need to Know About Filing a Lawsuit After a Car Accident

How you pursue justice depends on the extent of your damages. If you have suffered significant property damage, there’s a good chance you can file a claim for damages resulting from the accident.

The more severe the damages you sustained, the higher your lawsuit amount will likely be. A car accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you need.

Furthermore, if you survived a car accident with no physical injuries, you might have still sustained psychological wounds. The emotional effect of a traumatic event should not be neglected, as it can leave deep scars. An attorney can help you file for damages that cover the psychological impact of the crash.

Even if you sustained no injuries in the collision, some passengers might have been hurt. In this case, they should consult a lawyer for guidance on how to recover. The compensation they receive should cover their current and future medical bills.

The Outline of a Car Accident

An accident can happen for many reasons; sometimes these are due to someone’s negligence. For example, a person can pull out in front of you causing a crash, or a motorist might hit your vehicle from behind. If you were involved in a car accident because someone else was negligent or reckless, you may pursue compensation from the at-fault party.

Your number one priority after a car crash is to ensure your safety. Once you make sure that you are out of harm’s way, start contacting the authorities. It is best to seek medical care even if you feel fine, as not all injuries are immediately apparent. For example, whiplash can take some time to manifest.

Furthermore, it is critical to report the accident to the police. The officers responding to the scene will create a report detailing the crash. Get a copy of the report; this will serve as valuable evidence if you decide to take legal action against the responsible party.

Also, contact your insurance company to report the incident. Always exercise caution when dealing with an insurance agent, as they are trained to serve the insurance company’s interests (not the client’s). A lawyer can take over communication with the insurance company; they will ensure that the client’s best interest is protected.

Consequences of a Car Accident

Car accidents cause stress and worry, which is tough to cope with alongside the bureaucratic aftermath. Being involved in a crash might also bring a hefty financial burden.

Unfortunately, many drivers are unaware of their rights to take legal action after a collision. You have the right to sue if you’re the victim of negligence. In some circumstances, you may seek compensation or file a lawsuit against the party responsible for the crash.

A lawyer can help determine if you have grounds to sue. Learn how a Sumter, SC, car accident lawyer can serve you in your pursuit of justice.

The Importance of Legal Assistance

Having legal representation ensures your rights are protected throughout the legal proceedings. Furthermore, you increase the chances to recover a higher compensation or settlement amount.

A car accident attorney will be by your side through each stage of the lawsuit. They will help you gather the evidence needed for a strong case. To obtain the best outcome, work closely with a legal expert on filing a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault party.


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